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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oscar Questions

Here are some questions I've been asking myself since the nominations have been announced.

Is Best Editing really the key award to solving the Best Picture mystery?

Will Roger Deakins double nomination in Best Cinematography hurt his chances? Will he split the vote?

How much does the recent Oscar win (2004's Best Supporting Actress) for Cate Blanchett affect her chances for another trophy?

Is there even a frontrunner for Best Supporting Actress?

Will the early release dates hurt Julie Christie and Marion Cotillard's chances?

Will age hurt either Ellen Page or Julie Christie?

Will acting in a foreign film hurt Marion Cotillard?

Is there any possible way for Daniel Day-Lewis or Javier Bardem to lose their respective races?

Can Atonement regain its status as a serious contender that it had a couple months ago?

How much support does Juno really have?

Can There Will Be Blood beat No Country for Old Men head to head?

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