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Monday, January 21, 2008

Oscar Nomination Predictions

Well, here we are. A day before official nominations are announced. I've posted my thoughts on what I think will be nominated on my Awards Invasion site. Click HERE for my major award predictions.

I'm going to try to do another podcast in the next few days with my reactions. I'll also be posting my reaction to tomorrow's nominations. I'm sure they'll be a couple surprises.

Anyway, here is my Best Picture Chart:

Updated Oscar Best Picture 1/21
The Nominees:
1. (1) No Country for Old Men

2. (2) There Will Be Blood
3. (3) Michael Clayton
4. (4) Into the Wild
5. (7) The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
On the Bubble:

6. (5) Juno

Looking for a Miracle:
7. (6) Atonement
8. (8) Sweeney Todd
9. (9) American Gangster
10. (10) 3:10 to Yuma
11. (11) Charlie Wilson’s War
12. (12) The Great Debaters

Please click HERE for my thoughts. I have written about the major races on my site and just don't feel like typing everything again.

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