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Friday, January 4, 2008

Obama Wins Round One

Barack Obama won the Iowa caucus last night and I'm excited. The caucus being the first primary is always huge. Four years ago, I can remember John Kerry won the caucus and of course got the Democratic nomination. I know she finished third, but Hilary is not done yet. I think Tuesday will be huge for both Obama and Clinton. Edwards should really just drop out of the race. He's done.

As for the Republican side, Mike Huckabee still does not scare me. Although, his political positions do, but that's for another day. Mitt has to be a little disappointed due to the money he spent in Iowa. Still, I like his chances more than Mike.

New Hampshire should be a great day and with an Obama win, things will be looking really good.

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Dicking Your Dragon said...

I have to agree Obama win was exciting. However, the Huckabee win scares the shit out of me. I refuse to watch I heart Huckabees in protest(yes i know complete unrelated but you get the point)

If he manages to win the whole thing (the evangelical vote is insane. they are 80,000,000 strong and equally as crazy) I will want to move out of the country.