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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mr. MVP, Tom Brady

Tom Brady rightfully won the NFL MVP today, receiving an amazing 49 out of 50 votes (Brett Favre had the other one, but didn't deserve it). He was the clear choice this year for a number of reasons and not getting the MVP would have been pure robbery. For one he led his team to a 16-0 record (first time 16-0 has ever been done). He also set the single season touchdown record with 50. He also threw only 8 interceptions, which gives him an amazing plus 42 on the touchdowns/interceptions differential.

As one of my readers pointed out, Brady might have had the year he had with the addition with Randy Moss. Still though, Brady was always in discussion as the best QB in the NFL before Moss ever arrived. The guy did win three Super Bowls before he had an all star receiving core. It's just now with the addition of Moss, Wes Welker, and Donte Stallworth, he was able to show everyone what damage he could do with dangerous weapons.

That's why I still believe that if you take Brady out of the game, the Pats won't do anything in the playoffs. Throughout the year, Moss has been shut down. There's games Welker has been shut down. There's been plenty of games that Stallworth has been no where to be seen. And, the Pats running game has been very shaky throughout the year. Guess what? They've won every game and Tom Brady is the reason. He's knows how to win, plain and simple. That's why he is the NFL MVP and that's why I think when it's all set and done, he will be the greatest QB to play the game. Am I biased? Maybe, but he's got a damn good resume already and he's only 30.

I don't want to hear any Brett Favre crap either. His stats are inflated from a long career. He's just not in the same class as Brady, Manning, Montana, Marino, or Unitas. Yeah, he had a period in the 90s when he was great (three straight MVPs). Okay, so what if he holds the career touchdown record? Did you know he also holds the career interception record? I'm glad the guy is having a renaissance in 2007, but I can only hope the Pats have the opportunity to defeat him in the Super Bowl this year.

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Dicking Your Dragon said...

to say that Favre is overrated is completely false. To say that his stats are inflated over a long career is a self defeating argument. He should be praised for such a long career. If Brady has as long as a Career then maybe. He also holds the record for most consecutive seasons with 30 or more TD passes. With a receiving core not even close to Brady this year, Manning, or Montana for either of their careers. Yes he has the career INT. but he wins games. That is the overall most impressive one. INT's aren't that bad when you still win games, and thats what the man does. So, hell yes Brady deserves it this year, but to take anything away from Favre is completely unfair.

FOOTNOTE: the best pure QB ever is Dan Marino, didnt win the big one but the man was the best at what he did. Sure you can hold the superbowl goose egg against him but by that argument then is Trent Dilfer better?