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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Leno: Right or Wrong?

All the late night hosts came back last night. And yes, I watched it. And yes, I watched NBC all the way. Honestly, I've always been a Leno and Conan fan. I just like them more than Dave and Craig. I personally find Letterman to be annoying. I know Dave has the writers back, but I'm glad Leno won the ratings war. I don't agree with an interim deal for one show regardless of the situation. If you're on strike, you're on strike.

Now, one day later, Leno is getting all kinds of heat for writing his own monologue. I know it violates the guild, but this to me is like when John Fogerty was sued for plagiarizing himself. What's next? Leno won't be able to laugh at himself on air.

As a member of the film industry, but not the WGA, it appears that things are really falling apart from my perspective. There's rumors of a secret meeting for A-list writers this weekend to form a coalition. There's also writers beginning to go fi-core.

Anyone with a brain knows that they are really never any winners in a strike. It affects so many different lives. The goal should be to make a deal that would make the strike "worth it", but is that really going to happen? From what I'm reading and who I'm talking to, I don't think it will. The WGA seems to be in a big hole. Whether they admit it or not, they've screwed themselves.

I hope they make a deal soon for my own sake and everyone effected, but things are starting to look grim. I guess the moral of the story is don't fuck with the studios. They became powerful for a reason and it wasn't because they were "nice".


Dicking Your Dragon said...

Well here we disagree greatly. Strikes do work and they do benefit people.Yes they leave wreckage in the wake and yes they are striking now for immediate benefits but also for the future generations. To look at such a long term thing in such a short sited lense is completely irresponsible of you.

In addition the entire notion of not taking on the studios is weak. It is weak minded and certainly spirited. No one is all knowing or all powerful. The studios are suffering just as much as the writers. If people didn't take on large powerfull organizations children would still be working in factories, women not able to vote, racism still allowed in laws, and the movie Newsies would have never existed.(Therefore we would never had a truly bad ass Batman) All travesties. Here is the thing, it takes people to strike and not be afraid to let their voices be heard. They are taking a chance to make a change.

As for my opinion. Something will happen, the writers wont get exactly what they want but either will the studios which is inevitably a win for the writers.

Mikey Filmmaker said...

I just want you to know that I do support the WGA strike. I just personally don't like how they have handled themselves. The AMPTP is a very powerful alliance and the feeling right now is they are in control of this situation.

If the studios were really suffering as much as you think, then they would be making a much bolder attempt to get back to the table and toss around numbers. Yeah, they'll lose their pilot season, but these companies do not simply rely on film and tv for revenue.

For there to be even a rumor (this has not been confirmed) of a coalition of A-list screenwriters being formed to force the WGA into accepting the same deal as the DGA is an example of this. Considering that they are two different guilds with different agendas.

I don't know what you do for a living or where you live, but all I'm trying to say is when you have been personally affected by something your opinion is a little different than the average person. I have very good friends in the business that are currently unemployed and things are tough. Hell, I was all set to go in for a second interview with a company before they went in a hiring freeze right after the strike began. Getting 400 dollars (unemployment pay) a week is practically impossible to survive in LA or NY.

For further reading, I highly suggest you read this email from December from a grip. It appeared in the LA Times. You can view it here (

I want this strike to end and I want the WGA to get the best deal possible. It's not like the writers don't deserve it. I know from experience that attempting to write a screenplay is extremely difficult.

Oh, and comparing the WGA strike to women's suffrage or civil rights is a new one to me...

Dicking Your Dragon said...

I understand how the strike is affecting people and their jobs. I also know rumors are rumors. Until things are finalized I wont believe any of them truly. In addition i know the studios have other endeavors they have to. But I also know they make most(in TV anyway) from advertising which they have lost millions. I know the studios are strong but I also think it is affecting them more then people think, and the longer it goes on the more it will they are still pulling things off the shelf, but they that shelf is dwindling...