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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It Will Be a "Super" Tuesday

With John Edwards out of the running, I felt like I needed to post another political post. Barack Obama or Hilary Clinton? That's the question of the year for Democrats. Who has a better shot at winning? I just got off the phone with someone from Obama headquarters and they told me their concern that Hilary will allow the Republicans another four years in the White House. I couldn't agree more. Many Democrats don't like her (the plain truth) and Republicans hate her.

Obama has a stronger ability to cross over and reach to Republicans. Let's face it, to win a political office you have to be likable (and frankly, Hilary is very unlikable). Policies don't matter as much due to candidates being very similar (sad, but true).

So, I want to remind everyone to VOTE on Tuesday if your state is involved in the Super Tuesday primary. I will be posting more about this shortly after the primary.

P.S. The worst thing anyone can do regardless of your support or political affiliation is to not vote. It's a right and you should exercise it.

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