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Monday, January 14, 2008

"He Ain't All That"

Those were the “wise” words of rookie safety Reggie Nelson after last night’s game. Okay, Reggie keep talking. Fucking idiot. Not only is the guy a rookie, but he’s a bum. He’s the next Anthony Smith. I’m sick of people downplaying how great Tom Brady is.

Let’s face it people, the guy is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. And, when his career ends, he may very well be the best. Last night, he completed an amazing and NFL record 92.9 percent (26/28 for 262 yards). Breaking Phil Simms’ record of 22/25 for 88 percent from Super Bowl XXI. Yeah, maybe Brady played a short pass game last night, but that’s what the game presented. Jacksonville decided to take away the long ball, so the Pats adjusted.

They also got a great rushing game from Laurence Maroney. His running game never worried me too much, but I did at times wonder what the hell he’s doing? Last night, Maroney ran with confidence against the 11th ranked rush defense. He stopped dancing and hit the holes with a passion to gain yards.

You may also ask where did Randy Moss go? I’m not too worried by his one catch performance. The Jaguars decided to take him out of the game. Also, if you watched the game more closely last night, Brady continually looked towards the middle of the field. Basically, he wasn’t looking for Moss. I will admit that if Moss only catches one pass next week, the Pats will be in a lot more trouble.

I’ll be talking more about the AFC Championship later in the week. Still not sure who is coming to Gillette Stadium, but you have to be thinking the Colts. I just don’t see how the Chargers are going to win. No Gates and I have no confidence in Philip Rivers. Only time will tell.

Oh, and did you see my prediction for last night’s game (35-24). How many points did the Pats win by? 11 points. That’s right.

Originally appeared at Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas on 1/13/08.

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