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Monday, January 7, 2008

Commentary on Critics Choice Awards

Here's my commentary on the Critics Choice Awards that just aired on VH1.

9:02 critics choice awards begin. It should be an interesting night. Why did D.L. Hughley host this show? I've barely ever heard of him.

9:05 Is it me or does this crowd hate D.L. Hughley. Not very good reactions from the stars.

9:08 Best acting ensemble goes to "Hairspray"?! I would have to call that an upset. This is the critics choice awards, not peoples choice, right? Good for them, but i would have predicted "No Country". Shows you how much i know...

9:13 Best writing goes to "Juno". This is obviously somewhat surprising for "No Country". Not too surprised since "Juno"'s writing is very strong.

9:19 Best young actor goes to Ahman Khan Mahmoodzada. I haven't seen this film, so have nothing to really say. Good for him.

9:22 Best young actress goes to Nikki Blonsky. Not a very big surprise there, even though Blonsky is going to have a heart attack. She's hysterical. I've only seen parts of this film, but she seemed to do a good job.

9:33 Best comedy goes to "Juno". That was expected. Does this mean that this now won't win best picture later?

9:40 Best composer goes to Jonny Greenwood from "There Will Be Blood". Yes! That's huge for him and the film. Sadly he's not there and they move right onto the next category.

9:42 Best song goes to "Falling Slowly" from "Once". Considering the film is about music, not too surprising.

9:50 Best supporting actress goes to Amy Ryan. That's a definite blow to Cate Blanchett and I think it's time to recognize she is the new frontrunner of this race. She's been winning everything lately.

9:52 Best foreign language film goes to "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly". Clearly the best foreign film of the year and I still can't wait to see it.

10:12 Best animated feature goes to ratatouille. There's no way this film should lose any awards. It's a top notch animation.

10:15 Best family film goes to "Enchanted". really thought hairspray was going to win that one. i don't even think chris o'donnell thought it would win. he told Nikki Blonsky to go back to her seat, presumably so she could accept the award.

10:24 Best documentary goes to "Sicko". Too bad Michael Moore couldn't be there to say something entertaining and controversial.

10:28 Best supporting actor goes to Javier Bardem. He's continuing his dominance towards the Oscars.

10:35 Leslie Mann is drunk i think. She just dropped the f bomb on television. That's definitely a fine for VH1 and the show from the FCC. How did they not bleep it?

10:36 Best film for tv goes to "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee". Nothing really to say about that.

10:40 Best actor goes to Daniel Day-Lewis. No upset there as Day-Lewis is awarded for his amazing performance.

10:50 Best actress goes to Julie Christie. she's looking real good in that race. I don't think she's lost.

10:52 Best director goes to the Coen Brothers. Definitely a big win for them, but I wish P.T. Anderson was going up against them. I think that's going to be the battle at the Oscars and DGA.

10:56 Best picture goes to "No Country for Old Men". No surprise there. Disappointed? A little, but it's not like it wasn't expected. I got to see this film again...

This show was nothing special. If anything it was horrible. D.L. Hughley was a horrible host. It was a bland two hours. Painful at times. There were a couple surprises, but does this award show hold that much weight? Not really. Don't be confused because it was televised. It was lucky that it was a non WGA show that stars could attend. It very well could be one of the few award shows this whole year.

DGA nominations tomorrow will be interesting for a number of films specifically "There Will Be Blood" and "Into the Wild". Those films need a nomination to keep up with their battle for best picture. I'll post my reactions tomorrow.

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