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Monday, January 14, 2008

Colts Back to Old Ways

Indy, what happened? Seriously, I (a Patriots fan) actually wanted you to win. You heard me right, I wanted the Colts in the AFC Championship. Now, the Patriots are going to play the Chargers. The cry baby team that is still mad that the Pats beat them last year.

I considered this to be a lot like the Red Sox scenario back in 2003-2004. In 2003, they lost a heartbreaker to the Yankees. They decided to spend the offseason making improvements. Then, after the Sox swept the Angels in 2004, the newspapers said, “We want the Yanks!” Everyone wanted to play the Yankees. It was part of the destiny of that team.

Now, look at the 2006-2007 Patriots. In 2006, they lost a heartbreaker to the Colts. They decided to spend the offseason making improvements. Then, after the Pats “swept” the regular season (16-0), beat the Jags, they waited patiently for their AFC opponent. I know the Pats don’t like the Chargers either and I haven’t checked the newspapers, but I bet they said, “We want the Colts!” It was part of the destiny of that team.

Last night on tv, all the sports programs didn’t even consider the Chargers to have a shot. Some of them were already talking about the Pats-Colts AFC Championship. Then, the Colts have to blow it. The Colts really played a horrible game. It was the type of game they always played in the postseason (save for 2006). Peyton started off strong, but that was it. He made crucial mistakes in the red zone and had no presence on the field. Hell, he even had “the Manning face” towards the end of the game.

Brady/Manning may be the modern day Montana/Marino, but after today there is a reason that Manning is always compared to Marino. They both just never got it done in the postseason. Where as Brady and Montana were always money when it mattered. Oh, and I’m well aware that Peyton won a Super Bowl last year, but his numbers were nothing to brag about (3 TD, 7 INT). The defense carried that team in the playoffs and the Pats blew the AFC Championship.

I actually emailed Bill Simmons after the game today. I compared this year’s Colts to the Lakers back in 1986. He always talked about how the Lakers basically copped out of playing the 1986 Celtics, which was considered one of the greatest teams of all time. I asked him if he thinks the Colts copped out of playing this year’s Patriots team again. That’s why I’m disappointed that the Pats won’t play the Colts next week. I wanted to shut up the doubters and watch my favorite team kick their ass on their way to the Super Bowl. Now, I’ll have to settle watching them play the Chargers. I’ll have my AFC Championship preview later in the week.

Originally appeared at Spaghetti Sauce and Sweet Peas on 1/13/08.

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