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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Clinton Wins for Now...

Well, congratulations Hilary. Obviously, those phones calls worked (*wink* *wink*).

Seriously though, big win for Hilary in New Hampshire. Although, let us not get too excited. As my Obama emails confirmed, Clinton and Obama split the NH delegates at 8 each. So, I ask this question? In the media it's a "win", but is it really a win in technical terms? How's it a victory if you left NH with the same amount of delegates as your main competitor?

It's more like a stalemate and proof that the nomination will be a battle in the trenches. It's time to put on your battle helmets and prepare for political warfare. Let the best candidate win.


Dicking Your Dragon said...

Mikey Mikey Mikey, Oh boy have YOU SIR misinterpreted my post to you. I never questioned your party pride. I stated that the mentality that people take against their own party, especially the Dems, is what weakens it.

Take an Obama supported I know who much like you and I is a knee jerk liberal. He went off telling me that he belives Hillary to be a insert a slew of derogatory and curse words. I then asked him if he would prefer any one of the Repub candidates. Hell no was his response.

That is my point. I don't understand the inter-party disdain. Its like were all on the same team. While Brady, may like passing to Moss more than Stallworth he shouldnt go off on Stallworth because in the end he for sure is not going to want to throw it to Bob Sanders on the colts.

Trying to bring peace and keep people together.

~ Dicking Your Dragon

Mikey Filmmaker said...

Thanks for clearing everything up with your Pats/Colts analogy.