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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bobby Fischer Has Died

If you are still searching for Bobby Fischer, it's too late. Bobby Fischer, 64, has died.

I remember watching Searching for Bobby Fischer numerous times when I was younger. I actually took chess up as a hobby for many years (I even joined my high school team for a little). I wouldn't call myself great, but I could usually play a decent game. I had my fair share of checkmates.

Anyway, I felt I needed to post something quick about Fischer since he was the chess master. If you haven't seen the film, you should check it out. It has nothing to do with Fischer rather it's about a young chess prodigy who could become the next Fischer. It's not a bad film.

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Dicking Your Dragon said...

This movie is the boss hog. It is money. Fucking love the fishbourne. WHen he talks about playinf from is heart and not just his head. So fucking good. FUCK YOU BEN KINGSLEY.

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