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Sunday, January 27, 2008


I saw Atonement the other night (finally). I have been meaning to see it for the last two weeks, but I am poor and just haven't made the time to see it. Why I waited so long, I don't know. All I have to say is the film completely exceeded my expectations. And why this film has fallen off the award planet's map is beyond me.

Atonement is a powerful film that takes you on an emotional roller coaster for two hours. It affected me so much that I couldn't say anything for a couple minutes. Joe Wright had a great vision for this film. The editing was very effective with the use of time and flashbacks. There was also an amazing long shot on the beach during World War II that is one of the best I've seen.

As for the acting, it was top notch. I truly cared about Cecilia and Robbie. And, to find out their fates was shocking and powerful. I couldn't believe it. The three actor role of Briony was also very well casted. Especially, Saoirse Ronan in the beginning of the film and even Vanessa Redgrave's short appearance was great.

I simply thought this film was beautifully made. Ten years ago, you would have to think it would be sweeping the awards. Although, at the present moment the award scene has changed. Regardless that doesn't take away the fact that Atonement is an amazing film.


Dicking Your Dragon said...

It had to happen eventually. We were agreeing on something WAY to much.

Atonement is a good film. A "B" "B+" film. Nothing more. It was weird film with a very strong opening. Griping, i cared about the characters. I felt bad for my boy Macavoy, and i wanted to make out with my girl Kiera.

The end was also good. (see above feelings)

It was the middle, that i really didnt care for. It was like almost not needed. It really didnt add much but to set up the twist. I it a more complicated "and it was all a dream" ending. It was better than that but at the same time I was not blown away by it. In fact it upset me. And no not because i cared for the fates of the characters, i expected that to happen because its a fucking love epic and that always happens. I was upset because they mislead the audience in not a tricky clue by clue way but just plain lied to set up a trick ending.

The movie has been floating around Hollywood for years because it was thought "unfilmable" from its orginal context. While i think this movie proved that theory wrong i can completely see why it lost its steam.

Not to mention the bad casting for Briony. FUCK. the little girl was good, BARELY passable though as a actual member of Kiera's family. NO FUCKING WAY A FAMILY WITH A WOMAN A HOT AS KIERA HAS A DAUGHTER THAT HIT EVERY BRANCH OF THE UGLY STICK ON THE WAY DOWN. Now, as i compose myself this was passable as a little girl, but fuck me sideways was it completely unbelievable when she grew up(part of the bad middle). You are telling me they couldn't find an attractive, brunette(she was the only blonde in her fam...really?)good actress? It just took me out of the believability part.

PS: I will test you now - how did the ending make you feel about briony's character? The redgrave speach that is?

Concessions i will make: Cinematography was amazing. Truly good effort made. No problem if it wins for me. Kiera was hot.

Mikey Filmmaker said...

Obviously, this movie was over your head. That's fine. You can stick to watching big boy movies like The Water Horse.

I don't understand how you can say the filmmakers just lied to set up a trick ending. That doesn't make any sense. I didn't realize there were set rules how to do a trick ending.

The book was written in 2001, so don't make it sound like it's been floating around Hollywood for years. Whoever your sources are, they must be a "comedic" bunch.

Bad casting for Briony? That's a very poor reason for you to think this movie suffered. Saoirse Ronan and Vanessa Redgrave have been getting rave reviews for their performances. Just because the three actresses didn't look alike or didn't look like Keira, doesn't make it poor casting. Do you know how many movies children don't look like their parents? Or siblings don't look that much alike? It's very common.

The large reason why this film has fallen off the awards map in my opinion is that the awards are shying away from epics. They are in an indie phase. The last "epic" to win Best Picture was Return of the King in 2003. And before that, was Gladiator in 2000. Much different than the 90s when epics were kicking ass and taking names.

As for your question. I was disappointed in Briony and sad. I wanted to believe she made amends. Unfortunately, she spent her whole life suffering. To watch her tell the interviewer what really happened, sent a little shiver down my spine.

And yes, the cinematography was very good and Keira was hot (P.S. I hope you don't have a girlfriend or she is going to be very mad at you). I will agree with you on that.

Dicking Your Dragon said...

Sir. MF,

I am going to eat your face. Lets start with the "being over my head" factor. First of all I am a giant. I stand 7'6. The only thing over my head are the god damn clouds. To say the least I am a intellectual genius.

Apparently my comments for you Sir. MF were over your head. I gave props to old and jail bait Briony.It was the middle that really killed me. Not to mention I know people are cast that dont look exactly alike. Cause, get this i heard once in the movie industy that they dont tell anyone this....dont actually cast real siblings. I know like wow, i just blew your mind. But it is also the job to not take your audience out of a picture. Especially with something as little as a look. EMO BRIONY WAS TO UGLY FOR THAT FAMILY TO HANDLE. I WOULD HAVE SENT HER TO BE A NURSE TOO. GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE AND STOP BRING SHAME TO THE FAMILY NAME.

Any who... to the idea of "rules" i know there are not rules in filmmaking. Cause if there were ROllerball would have never been made. Chris Klien would have stopped acting after Election. And Ang Lee would have won for Crouching Tiger. BUT, just because you choose a device does not make it a good one. The middle of the story was out of place. It didnt make sense. It didnt change the outcome of the film. It would have been the exact same story if they just told it getting rid of the middle 60 or whatever it is minutes. With the same emotional impact. We would have still felt for Macavoy, thought Kiera was Sad(and still makeoutable) and fucking not like Briony. She didnt change as a character. BLah blah blah.

You did pass the question however. Though I'm not entirely convinced.

To wrap up. I don't have a GF. Or one that reads blogs anyway. And fuck, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep(the actual title) was not a bad film. At least i got to see Middle age Briony in a appropriate role for a family that she could ACTUALLY be in. Co-Starring as Nessy.

Mikey Filmmaker said...

Thank God I passed your question. I've been worried ever since I posted a comment to your comment.

I hope we get to meet one day. I'd like to take a picture next to you since you're 7'6" and I'm 5'3". It would be like Twins all over again. We could be like the next great comedy team.

What do you think?

Dicking Your Dragon said...

lets do this!