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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007: A Retrospect

Oh 2007, where did you go? 2008 is now upon us. Another year is gone and I honestly can't believe it. It feels like every year goes by quicker and quicker. And, that's not a good thing. It proves a point that one year is really not that long in the big picture. I'm 22 right now and I have no idea where all those years went. Some good, some bad. I've never really felt like I've had a year that was truly great.

So, where does 2007 stand? Well, let me put it this way. I never can remember a more love/hate relationship with a year than 2007. It was filled with plenty of highs (literally, smoked more weed in my life than other year) and plenty of lows.

I've been fortunate enough to be born in Massachusetts and be a Boston sports fan. 2007 might be regarded as one of the best in the city's history. Another Red Sox World Series, the revival of the Boston Celtics, and the Patriots finished the season 16-0. Hell, they lost once during the whole calendar year (against Indy in the AFC Championship). Sadly, the Bruins are a footnote, but they still manage to play average hockey.

It was a year filled with seeing some truly great concerts. Reunions of The Police and Van Halen, and camping outside to see Paul for a third time. Only to top it off even more standing right behind Ringo and a slew of other celebrities.

There was seeing an early screening of "There Will Be Blood", and topping that off with a 30 second meeting with P.T. Anderson and an autograph on my "Boogie Nights" dvd.

I even landed a great internship with Kopelson Entertainment in January. I learned a lot and formed some great friendships during my eight months there.

Somehow, I spent over a month in Mississippi in what will probably be the oddest job I'll ever do during my lifetime. I definitely met my fair share of characters down in the deep south. Unfortunately, it ended up being my only job during the year.

And where does "Sweet Pea" fall in the equation? Well, there was a great screening at Chapman in May, which was the highlight of my college career. Then, there was the Boston Film Festival fiasco, which was believe it or not, the lowlight of the year. You heard me right. That will forever be the worst series of events for me in 2007.

Oh yeah, I graduated with college in May with a BFA in film production. Still trying to figure that one out, but it was a rollercoaster four years that is living proof that hard work really pays off.

Of course there's also been frustrations. I've had horrible luck with jobs and women, period. Hell, the WGA strike possibly cost me a job. That's luck. There's no other way to put it.

Then, there are personal matters that continue to dictate my life. Most importantly my personal battle with love-shyness. A social anxiety that I unfortunately have and contributes to my virginity. To help the reader better understand, here is the seven criteria of a love-shy man:

- He is a virgin. He has not yet experienced sexual intercourse.
- He is a man who very rarely goes out socially with women.
- He is a person without a past history of any emotionally close, meaningful relationships of a romantic and/or sexual nature with any member of the opposite sex.
- He is a person who has suffered and is continuing to suffer emotionally because of a lack of meaningful female companionship. In short, he is a male who desperately wishes to have a relationship with a woman, but does not have one because of his shyness. In other words, he is not a man who consciously chooses not to have romantic or intimate relationships; rather, he wants such relationships but cannot establish them.
- He is a man who becomes extremely anxiety-ridden over so much as the mere thought of asserting himself vis-à-vis a woman in a casual, friendly way. This is the essence of "love-shyness".
- He is a man who is strictly heterosexual in his romantic and erotic orientations. Again, he is a male who is in no way a homosexual.
- He is a male. There were no women interviewed in the study.

Not something I'm trying to "brag" about (I really don't want to write about this, but I feel I need to), but I want to tell people publicly so they understand why I am the way I am. I've sit through the years listening to all my buddies complain about "not getting any". Well, after years of silence it's my time to complain. I want some action! And that my friends, is my New Year's resolution.

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