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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008: A Retrospect

And here we are again. Another year has come and gone. Where did you go, 2008? It seems like I hardly knew you and honestly when looking back I'm kind of glad. It's a year that I hope to never have to re-live again.

When I look back I can only think of one thing that typifies this past year. 18-1. And I mean that in much more than just the literal sense. When I think of 18-1, I think of what could have been. Because really 2008 was full of many lost opportunities. Let's take a look back...

After catching some extremely bad luck, something finally fell my way when I got a job working for a top tier literary and talent management company in April. Everything was great at first. I was learning a lot and even though I worked long hours, I didn't mind. In May, I took a temp assignment within the company that was very difficult, but I stuck through it and lasted on the desk for six weeks. I was even applauded during the staff meeting for stepping up.

Then, I started another assignment in late June and it would be my undoing. I was working for two assholes, who had little to no compassion. I was put in a tough position of being offered the position on a full-time basis in August and accepted. I was their fourth assistant of 2008 (the three others quit, two in less than a month). Soon after I realized it was a huge mistake. They gave up on me and I gave up on them. I officially gave notice in October and left in early November.

I don't really have any regrets. I was a beaten man. Not really happy with myself and I don't want to live like that. I don't want to have to get high every night to simply kill the pain of a long work day. More importantly, I don't want to turn into the people I work for. I don't want to be alone in my 40s. I don't want to try to be picking up random girls on facebook and telling people I'm a big deal, when I really am not. I looked around there some days and the majority of the managers there had nothing, but money and their career. What is really more important? I thought I knew the answer, but 2008 showed me a different perspective.

I can honestly write here that I lost my passion for the business. At least in the sense of making major motion pictures. I still do want to produce, but only independent work. I like to describe the film industry as a bunch of bullshit. Really, it's a bullshit business that you really don't understand unless you've sat on a desk at a major studio, agency, management, or production company. Yes, it's high pressure and sometimes millions of dollars are being discussed, but should it really matter if you don't answer the phone right away? Or respond to an instant message in five seconds? Half the time you get yelled at for menial things that really don't matter in the big picture.

I just don't know if I can do this type of work for the rest of my life. If I do, then I may be dead by 50. It burns you out. Especially when you feel like you're working even when you're home. I never felt so tense in my life. I just know that if I do take another entertainment job in 2009, then I will be very conservative in accepting any offer. I'm not going to fall in another trap again.

It was also a tough year as I lost my Aunt in February. She was 86 and living in a nursing home after suffering a stroke in 2006, but it was still extremely difficult. She watched my sister and I a lot when we were kids, so I have a lot of memories and still miss her. Then, my grandfather suffered a stroke in November, but is pulling through. He has fully regained his speech and his mobility is getting better, so at least that is good news.

In politics, Barack Obama became the first African American president. While that is exciting, it was disappointing to see California ban gay marriage. I will say that voting in person for the first time was definitely one of my highlights of the year.

In sports, I watched the Patriots blow their chance at being the greatest team of all time when they were upset in Super Bowl XLII. I think it's safe to say that the Patriots were probably the most unlucky professional sports franchise in 2008. They lose against the Giants to go 18-1. Watching that final drive again, I simply scratched my head how that all went down. Then again, I'm not going to get into it. This season there was hopes of redemption, but Tom Brady went down in the season opener with a torn ACL. Matt Cassel did a great job coming in and led them to an 11-5 record, but the Pats still failed they to make the playoffs. Finally, to top off the year, there are reports Brady might need even more surgery and miss all of 2009.

The Red Sox put up a gallant effort to repeat as world champions, but fell to the Devil Rays in game seven of the ALCS. The Bruins fell in game seven to the Canadiens even though they were a number eight seed. Yes, the Celtics won the NBA championship and that was probably the only team to fully reach its potential in 2008. Then again, I guess one championship is better than none.

Will 2009 be any kinder to Boston sports? The Celtics are in good position to repeat. The Red Sox should contend. Though, I think 2009 could the year of the Bruins. I like this '08-'09 team a lot and maybe they could finally put together a playoff run or do I dare say Stanley Cup championship.

As we shift to movies, I watched the 2007 Oscar season get all screwed up due to the WGA strike. Then to make things even worse, I only predicted 15 out of 24 categories correct. Though the icing on the cake was watching Paul Thomas Anderson lose Best Director and Best Picture for There Will Be Blood to the damn Coen Brothers and No Country for Old Men.

I did move to Hollywood this past year, but I would say there is a very good chance that I will probably move again as I simply can afford to live comfortably in a studio at this point in my life. I have managed to pay my bills and all, but there is no cushion to save any large amount of money with the type of salary of I was earning.

I'm not really sure what I want to do in 2009 with my career. As I stated previously, I still want to still active in the film industry, but I may very well try to get another job in the day. I have a vision of what I would like to happen, but I need help from others and I'm not sure it will happen. I don't anticipate this vision to be carried out for another couple years, but it's something that needs to start happening soon.

I'm also seriously considering going back to school to get my masters degree. And believe it or not, I'm not thinking film. I want options in my life and I think a masters would give me that. At the moment, I'm not going to say what I'm thinking of studying, but I think it would be very beneficial to not only me, but others.

Speaking of others, I'm still flying solo and would really like to meet someone who shares the same passions in life as myself. Will I meet her in 2009? I don't know. I would really appreciate a little help from my friends, but that seems to never happen. Apparently in this day and age, people don't set friends up on dates.

I look back at 2008 and think what could have been. I also look back and see all the possibilities it showed me. Some good, some bad, some ugly. It's part of life. As shitty as some things were this past year, now comes the test to see it I can overcome it all and still succeed. And this past year also showed me that success comes in more ways than one. Everyone's success is measured differently. What's more important is whether you think you're successful and that's how I'm going to live in 2009. I don't really give a shit about what other people think because if I did, then I would still be working at that management company getting yelled at by two assholes...

My New Years Resolution(s):
- Blog more
- Predict a perfect score at this year's Oscars
- Work out more
- Drink less beer
- Smoke less cannabis
- Buy a hamster
- Buy less DVDs
- Save money
- Join Big Brother
- Save the world from global warming
- Watch all five of P.T. Anderson's films in one day
- Study even more about The Beatles
- Have lots of sex

Happy New Year
Mikey Filmmaker

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Xmas!

Hope everyone enjoys the holiday.

From your neighborhood blogger, Mikey Filmmaker!

Been a crazy week, will be back this weekend.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taking Some Personal Days

I'm currently a little under the weather, so I'm going to pull a "Nikki Finke" and take some personal days.  I hope to be in better shape by the weekend, so I can put out another Oscar prediction post.  Until then, try not to miss me too much.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Updates from Boston

I'm writing this in Massachusetts. Been a crazy couple days, so I don't expect to actually do another full Oscar update until possibly Wednesday (though I'm going to try to do it earlier). Meanwhile, while I freeze over here, let's take a brief look at what is going down.

AFI has released their ten best. Definitely an interesting list. Iron Man and Wendy and Lucy being surprises. And no Slumdog? Though, I highly doubt this list has much weight in the big picture. It's still nice to get as many accolades as possible. Here's the list.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Frozen River
Gran Torino
Iron Man
Wendy and Lucy
The Wrestler

Also, the Boston Film Critics have announced their awards. I hate to type this, but what a bunch of wimps. A tie for Best Picture and Best Actor? Pick a damn winner. Ties shouldn't be allowed. It gives the city of Boston a bad reputation in my opinion. No guts, no glory.

As for the actual winners, I was surprised to see Wall-E pick up another Best Film. I still don't think it's getting nominated, but good for Pixar.

I think this Best Actor race is going to be an intense one on one battle with Penn and Rourke. I still like Penn, but if this tie tells us something it is that both performances are rock solid. Here's the list of the major winners.

Best Picture: Wall-E and Slumdog Millionaire (tie)
Best Actor: Sean Penn, Milk and Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler (tie)
Best Actress: Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky
Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
Best Supporting Actress: Penélope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best Director: Gus Van Sant, Milk and Paranoid Park
Best Screenplay: Dustin Lance Black, Milk

Friday, December 12, 2008

Hugh Jackman to Host the Oscars

Well, there has been reports the last few days that there would be a surprise host to this year's ceremony and the reports are true. Hugh Jackman will host the 81st Academy Awards. Now, while this is somewhat surprising, I don't think it's going to be horrible. In a lot of ways I think it's a good idea. It's somewhat refreshing and if done right it could be a success.

I would actually write a lot more, but I'm heading on a plane in couple hours to head back east for the holidays. I'll continue to update while there and will probably also do a podcast very soon. I'll check in tomorrow after I've made it to Massachusetts.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thoughts on the Golden Globe Nominations

What a mess! Seriously, this Oscar season is just a mess. Low teens could win the Oscar pool this year folks. That's how much of a mess it is right now. No one can seem to agree on anything. Today's Golden Globe nominations honestly made me laugh a little. Not that it's a joke, but that it completely went against what most people predicted. No love for Milk. Much love for Revolutionary Road. No Dark Knight. Tom Cruise gets a nod.

Will any of this actually affect the Oscars? Hard to say exactly as the Hollywood Foreign Press does not vote for the Oscars. Just last year for example it named both Atonement and Sweeney Todd its Best Pictures. While both films were nominated, neither had a good day at the Oscars. The Globes if anything do give films a boost. It brings lesser known nominees into the limelight and the public. The Oscars are like politics and the Globes are another opportunity to campaign. So, it definitely helps to get nominated.

Does that mean that Milk for example is screwed? Doubt it. It still won NY. And, if it does well with the guilds, then I think it will be fine. In the end, I still think it's getting nominated. I'm actually more concerned with The Dark Knight. This film needs all the help it can get and it was literally shut out of the Globes today (save for Heath Ledger). I think the Best Picture chances for this film are getting slimmer and slimmer.

One of the more intriguing storylines is whether Revolutionary Road can use the Globes to get it back in this race. This film has received no love from the critics. Then, it racks up four nominations at the Globes. If anything I think today proved that this film is not going away. Yet, I still see it battling for the final nomination spot.

I find it also funny how irrelevant the Best Picture - Comedy/Musical is this year. None of the nominees have any shot at getting nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. It's almost pointless to even care that much about that race. Nothing against the films, but it's true.

I don't see Tom Cruise getting an Oscar nod, but his co-star in Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr. is getting in better position to be nominated. He had a hell of a year. There's a chance the Academy might want to recognize it. Also, how can you not love the FYC ads for him. It's hilarious and stands out. I mean Kirk Lazarus is a five time Oscar winner. Yet, this category still belongs to Heath Ledger. Though, it's somewhat disappointing that Josh Brolin didn't even get nominated. I mean he's probably Ledger's biggest competition and he can't go head to head with him at the second biggest award show of the year. I would have just been curious to see how that would have went down.

Below is the full list of the Golden Globe nominations (TV is not included):

Best Picture - Drama:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button


The Reader

Revolutionary Road

Slumdog Millionaire

Best Picture - Comedy/Musical:
Burn After Reading

In Bruges
Mamma Mia

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
Stephen Daldry, The Reader

David Fincher, Benjamin Button

Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon
Sam Mendes, Revolutionary Road

Actor - Drama:
Leo DiCaprio, Revolutionary Road

Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon
Sean Penn, Milk
Brad Pitt, Benjamin Button

Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler

Actress - Drama:
Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married

Angelina Joie, Changeling
Meryl Streep, Doubt
Kristin Scott Thomas, I’ve Loved You So Long
Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road

Supporting Actor:
Tom Cruise, Tropic Thunder
Robert Downey Jr., Tropic Thunder

Ralph Fiennes, The Duchess

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Doubt
Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Supporting Actress:
Amy Adams, Doubt

Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Viola Davis, Doubt

Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler

Kate Winslet, The Reader

Actor - Comedy:
Javier Bardem, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Colin Farrel, In Bruges
James Franco, Pineapple Express

Brendan Gleason, In Bruges
Dustin Hoffman, Last Chance Harvey

Actress - Comedy:
Rebecca Hall, Vicky Cristina
Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky
Frances McDormand, Burn After Reading

Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia!
Emma Thompson, Last Chance Harvey

Foreign Language Film:
The Baader Meinhof Complex
Everlasting Moments

I’ve Loved You So Long

Waltz with Bashir

Animated Feature:
Kung Fu Panda


Slumdog Millionaire

The Reader


Benjamin Button


Benjamin Button

Slumdog Millionaire


"Down to Earth", Wall-E

"Gran Torino", Gran Torino
"I thought I Lost You", Bolt
"Once in a Lifetime", Cadillac Records
"The Wrestler", The Wrestler

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Milk Wins NY Film Critics!

Well, Harvey Milk has recruited at least the NY Film Critics as Milk was named Best Picture. This was definitely a much needed boost for the film that still has hopes to possibly contend for Best Picture. There's no denying that it looks good for a nomination, but there's still question marks whether this film can take the top prize.

One thing that isn't hard to notice is how spread out everything is this year. Is any category locked this year? Don't think so. I have a feeling that it is going to be a wacky year for predictions. Though, in a lot of ways it makes it a better season.

Below is the list of the major winners (Note: NY only has one Screenplay category):

Best Picture: Milk

Best Director: Mike Leigh, Happy-Go-Lucky
Best Actor: Sean Penn, Milk
Best Actress: Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky
Best Supporting Actor: Josh Brolin, Milk
Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best Screenplay: Jenny Lumet, Rachel Getting Married

Other Quick Thoughts:

- As good as Frank Langella is as Dick Nixon, the Best Actor race seems to keep being a duel between Sean Penn and Mickey Rourke. So far Penn has been on the winning end most of the time, but don't count out Rourke just yet.

- Sally Hawkins sweeps LA and NY film critics awards. I said yesterday that I wasn't sure if her win meant something. Well, it's hard not to at least put her in this Oscar race. Though, she still probably sits at the five spot.

- Josh Brolin is not going away in the Supporting Actor race. Going to be very interesting to see what the rest of the critics group name as their winner.

- Penelope Cruz may be the closest thing to a lock in any of the major categories. Though, I'm simply too scared to officially announce it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Frost/Nixon Provides Odd Theater Experience

So, I saw Frost/Nixon today, which I actually enjoyed. Went in with some doubts, but was proved wrong. Definitely one of the years best films.

Anyway, that's not really the point of this post. I went to the Arclight in Hollywood to see this film. More specifically the Cinerama Dome, which is a huge screen. It's very nice to see a film there. Hell, there's assigned seating.

There's a scene in Frost/Nixon where David Frost goes to a movie premiere for a film he was executive producer on called The Slipper and the Rose. Now normally this would be no big deal, but the premiere was at the Arclight's Cinerama Dome. So, there I am sitting in the theater watching a scene from a movie being shot where I was watching the movie. Does that make any sense?

Don't get me wrong, I didn't jump out of my seat and scream, but I thought is was just really weird. I said to myself, "Only in Hollywood."

Very true indeed.

Wall-E wins LA Film Critics?!

There's no lying in that the LA Film Critics like to be different, but what a surprise today with naming Wall-E the best of 2008. Not going to lie, I haven't seen this film yet. I missed it in the theater and rather than waste money renting it, I'm just going to watch it after Christmas (my sister asked for it).

Still, the naming of an animation film is a somewhat of a head scratcher.  Ocassionally the LA critics have been known for also helping a film that needed a boost. Look no further than last year with There Will Be Blood. Another example I can think of is when Mulholland Drive took top honors in 2001 and arguably made enough noise for David Lynch to get a directing nomination.

The odd part is that there's really no way Wall-E will be nominated. I know it is arguably Pixar's best, but I just don't see it. And the sad part is that if The Dark Knight won it may have been the boost it needed to get into the final five like Blood last year. Too bad really.

Below is the list of the major winners (Note: LA only has one Screenplay category):

Picture: Wall-E
Runner-up: The Dark Knight

Director: Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
Runner-up: Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight

Actor: Sean Penn, Milk
Runner-up: Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler

Actress: Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky
Runner-up: Melissa Leo, Frozen River

Supporting actor: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
Runner-up: Eddie Marsan, Happy-Go-Lucky

Supporting actress: Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Elegy
Runner-up: Viola Davis, Doubt

Screenplay: Mike Leigh, Happy-Go-Lucky
Runner-up: Charlie Kaufman, Synecdoche, New York

Other Quick Thoughts:

- Sean Penn finally won something this season. I still think he is the man to beat, but I have to say this is going to be a great race. I saw Frost/Nixon today and Frank Langella was as good as advertised. Can't wait for The Wrestler as Rourke is still very much in this race.

- Ledger has won LA. If he wins NY, then it will send a strong message at least with the critics. Though, remember people that the critics don't vote for the Oscars (i.e. don't think this is over).

- Huge surprise in the actress race. Not sure what this means, if anything.

- It's clear that LA definitely had some indie love this year with Happy-Go-Lucky and to a lesser extent Frozen River. Will be interesting to see if it has any impact.

Monday, December 8, 2008


John Lennon died 28 years ago today. I wrote something about it last year and rather than rewrite the same article, feel free to read it HERE.

If you're a fan of The Beatles and/or Lennon, please take a moment tonight at 10:50 p.m. (time of shooting) and 11:15 p.m. (time of death) eastern time to remember him and his legacy.

John Lennon
October 9, 1940-December 8, 1980

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Slumdog Wins DC Film Critics

The DC Film Critics have awarded Slumdog Millionaire its top prize. I believe that is the second major critics group (along with the NBR) to give out their awards. It's funny that their choices did differ from the NBR. Here's a quick look at the major winners:

Best Film: Slumdog Millionaire
Best Director: Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
Best Actor: Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler
Best Actress: Meryl Streep, Doubt
Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
Best Supporting Actress: Rosemarie DeWitt, Rachel Getting Married
Best Original Screenplay: Jenny Lumet, Rachel Getting Married
Best Adapted Screenplay: Simon Beaufoy, Slumdog Millionaire

Other Quick Thoughts:
- No major wins for Sean Penn yet, which I find surprising.
- Heath Ledger has won his first critics awards.  Is this the start to a streak that will lead to the Oscar?
- If Slumdog sweeps next week's big critics awards, there's a chance that Danny Boyle could leap over Fincher in the directing race.
- I respect Meryl Streep, but I honestly am not rooting for her to win.  Dare I say that I'm sick of her?
- Rachel Getting Married has been getting some early love.  Will it translate to the larger critics groups, Globes, and even Oscars?

Nice Retrospect Video of Heath Ledger with his AFI Win

I saw this video over at Awards Daily. Honestly thought it was worth the seven minutes to share. Hope you enjoy.

There's no denying that watching Ledger go for history and become only the second posthumous major Oscar winner (along with Peter Finch for Network in 1976) will surely be one of the award season's biggest stories.

Oh, and just to clarify, AFI in this post is Australian Film Institute not American Film Institute

Oscar Update: 12/7

So here we are. The first big Oscar post of the season. Exciting, isn't it? Well, for today I'm just going to look at the top six categories (picture, director, acting).  I will also post my complete chart.  Will have more updates in the coming days and weeks. Be sure to keep checking back.

Before I get into everything I do want to give people a quick background of my Oscar expertise. I love the Oscars and I love predicting who wins. I've done fairly well at it in recent years (including 21 out of 24 in 2005 Oscars), so I figure I would spread the love and help some people win Oscar pools. This is technically my eighth year predicting the Oscars for the public (I started doing this on my old public access show way back in the day). I really hope this is a good year as last year was a lot of fun.

So without further ado, welcome to the 2008 Oscars....

Note: * means I've seen the film.

1. *Slumdog Millionaire
2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3. *Milk
4. Frost/Nixon
5. Revolutionary Road

Slumdog sits on top for a couple reasons. Being so early in the award season, it's the only film to win the top prize (Best Film at NBR). The film is universally liked and it seems to be in a great position to land at least a nomination. The question will be whether it can hold off Button and Milk to name a few. I see those being the two strongest contenders right now. After next week's LA and NY film critics announce their winners, we should have a much clearer picture. Honestly, I just don't see Slumdog being named Best Picture on February 22nd, but I've been wrong before.

I am extremely excited for both Button and Milk. The whole premise of Button is intriguing and this could be Fincher's chance to finally have some Oscar glory. Its success at the big critic awards will be essential to knock it to the top spot. Though, it feels like it is at least a safe bet for a nomination. As for Milk, I absolutely loved this film and thought is was superior to Slumdog. It's based on a true story and Sean Penn was amazing. This film was set 30 years ago, but is so revelant today especially in California with the recent passing of prop 8. A nomination may be secure, but it's hard not to look back to 2005 with Brokeback. Will homophobia in the Academy stop this film from taking the top prize?

Frost/Nixon seems to be that film that gets nominated every year, people realize it's good, but it fails to have a passionate following. It just feels like a safe bet right now. I've even heard some people say it's Howard's best. I'm going to try to see it next week, so I'll have a better opinion on it shortly. As for Revolutionary, I picked it over The Dark Knight for the final spot. Until I hear that this film is not as good as I think it is, I have to continue to believe in it. The problem I have with The Dark Knight is that I don't know how older members of the Academy will support it. When it comes down to the end of the day, it's still a comic book film. Granted, the best comic book film ever, but only time will tell if that helps or hurts the film's quest for a nomination.

1. David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
2. *Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
3. *Gus Van Sant, Milk
4. Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon
5. *Christopher Nolan, The Dark Knight

I think David Fincher is going to win this award regardless if Button wins Best Picture. I think people want to reward him for an outstanding career. Boyle and Van Sant should be safe for a nomination. Both films are very solid and emotional pieces that will be on most people's top 10 lists. If support for either film continues to grow, there's a slight chance I could see either one of them take this. Ron Howard won this award back in 2001 and there's no lying that the Academy likes him. I just think they will probably spread the love. Expect a nomination, but that will probably be as far as it goes. I'm going with Nolan on the last spot. Why? I think they will acknowledge an action packed film.

1. *Sean Penn, Milk
2. Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon
3. Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler
4. Leonardo DiCaprio, Revolutionary Road
5. Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino

I was blown away by Sean Penn and would be shocked if doesn't win this. A nomination I would say is an easy lock for him. He really brought Harvey Milk to life and Penn's work continues to amaze me. Langhella is playing Richard Nixon and I would be surprised if he isn't in the big picture. People have been talking about his performance since last year, so I would find it shocking if he wasn't here. The Wrestler is a film I'm personally excited for and I'm very interested to see how Rourke portrays a professional wrestler. I'm a big wrestling fan, so I'm going to be hard on his performance, but I'm hearing good things and the trailer looks great. I'm going with Leo and Clint to round out the nominations. Both actors are big favorites of the Academy and I think they are safe picks right now. Though, if other people emerge, they could be on the outside looking in. I'm particularly curious how Brad Pitt or Josh Brolin will do in this race.

1. Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road
2. Cate Blanchett, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
3. Meryl Streep, Doubt
4. *Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married
5. Kristin Scott Thomas, I've Loved You So Long

This is definitely one of the more interesting categories this year. Right now there is really no frontrunner. Kate Winslet is on pace to become one of Oscar's biggest losers and she may be finally due. It's hard not to root for her this year. The only problem is whether Revolutionary Road is the real deal or not. Cate Blanchett is just one of the best actresses around. Every year, she's in an Oscar race and this year is no different. She's been getting great reviews for her performance and seems to be in good shape for another nomination. Meryl Streep is one of the great actresses of all time. Could she rack up yet another nomination? Looks like it, but I'm not too crazy about this film. Anne Hathaway gave a great performance in Rachel. Though, it feels like the nomination will be her award this year. This last spot, I was having some difficulty choosing. Could be Angelina Jolie, but I'm going with Kristin Scott Thomas. Could also be Melissa Leo in Frozen River or Sally Hawkins in Happy-Go-Lucky. There's a lot of options. There's a good chance this pick could change in the coming weeks.

Supporting Actor
1. *Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
2. *Josh Brolin, Milk
3. *Dev Patel, Slumdog Millionaire
4. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Doubt
5. Michael Shannon, Revolutionary Road

Could Heath Ledger end up pulling this off? A lot of people are hoping so, but it's not going to be easy. Next week it will be very interesting to see if LA or NY critics give him this award. The NBR already chose Josh Brolin, but the NBR is also a horrible Oscar indicator. For now, Ledger stays at top, but if things start to not go his way, it's possible someone like Josh Brolin could win this. Brolin had another solid year and his portrayal of Dan White was great. Dev Patel could also really make some noise in this race especially if Slumdog is universally loved as some say. Plus, you would think that Slumdog needs at least one acting nomination. Hoffman and Shannon round of this category, but both films are question marks. If either falters I would not hestitate to include someone like James Franco from Milk in this race for example.

Supporting Actress
1. *Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
2. Viola Davis, Doubt
3. Taraji P. Henson, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
4. Kate Winslet, The Reader
5. Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler

Penelope won the NBR, but this race should be close. She is well liked and maybe it's her time especially if no one steps up. Viola Davis probably has the best chance to win an Oscar for Doubt. Again, this film has received some mixed reviews and that could hurt her chances. Taraji P. Henson has been making some noise and should be in good shape, but she is relatively unknown. There is a chance Winslet could be a double nominee this year. The Reader's release date was pushed to December, so Winslet could enter this race. For the final spot, I'm going with Marisa Tomei. Her work opposite Mickey Rourke could be enough to have her slip into the final spot.

Complete Oscar Predictions
Best Picture: Slumdog Millionaire
Best Director: David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Best Actor: Sean Penn, Milk
Best Actress: Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road
Best Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight
Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best Original Screenplay: Milk
Best Adapted Screenplay: Slumdog Millionaire
Best Animated Feature: Wall-E
Best Art Direction: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Best Cinematography: Australia
Best Costume Design: The Duchess
Best Documentary - Feature:  Man on Wire
Best Documentary - Short Subject: N/A
Best Film Editing: Slumdog Millionaire
Best Foreign Language Film: Gomorrah
Best Makeup: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Best Original Score: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Best Original Song: "The Wrestler", The Wrestler
Best Short - Animated: N/A
Best Short - Live Action: N/A
Best Sound Editing: The Dark Knight
Best Sound Mixing: Wall-E
Best Visual Effects: Iron Man

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thoughts on the NBR

With the National Board of Review (NBR) announcing their best film of the year, some may say the award season is finally here. Let the games begin. Though, let's be honest, the NBR is not the best Oscar indicator. Finding Neverland was named the best film all the way back in 2004. Good Night, and Good Luck won in 2005 and Letters from Iwo Jima won in 2006.  The only time their best film has matched the Oscars this decade was last year with No Country for Old Men. Before that you have to go all the way back to 1999 with American Beauty.

With that said, where does Slumdog Millionare stand? I actually just saw this film today. It's one that is really hard not to like. It makes you feel good at the end and is just a beautiful story in every way. Though as I sat in the theatre, I kept thinking to myself that while it may and should garner a nomination, this film is not going to win Best Picture in February. I'll get into this in more detail over the weekend.

There were a couple surprises for sure. The biggest in my opinion is Josh Brolin winning for Milk over Heath Ledger. I have had my doubts about Ledger. Still believe he is the frontrunner, but if he doesn't start winning, it might prove that winning posthumously is just too difficult to do.

Also, Anne Hathaway winning Best Actress and Clint Eastwood winning Best Actor were curveballs. Anne has been considered a serious contender, but she basically beat out Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, and Cate Blanchett. Only one word: impressive. As for Clint, that shows that Sean Penn might not coast to this award as some people project. Though, I figured Penn's biggest competition would come from the likes of Mickey Rourke, Frank Langhella, or even Leo.

I think the plan now is to collect some more thoughts and actually do an official Oscar post this weekend. I'm picking up the pace in regards to Oscar worthy films. Going to try to see Milk in the next couple days. Critic awards will be coming in from left and right shortly, so things should get interesting.

Here's a complete list of the major winners:

Best Film: Slumdog Millionaire
Best Director: David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Best Actor: Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino
Best Actress: Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married
Best Supporting Actor: Josh Brolin, Milk
Best Supporting Actress: Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Best Original Screenplay: Gran Torino
Best Adapted Screenplay: Slumdog Millionaire and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (tie)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oscar Analysis Still Coming!

I haven't forgot. Still working on it. May delay by a week just to keep building up the anticipation.

The Return of the Big, Bad...

Bruins! I have to give a quick shout out to Boston's forgotten team. They wrapped up an 11-1-1 month of November including wins over the Canadiens and the defending Stanley Cup Champion, Detroit Red Wings. I can't wait to go back home to simply watch the Bruins. It's an exciting time to be a hockey fan. Let's hope my Dad got him and I tickets for when I'm back!

Monday, November 24, 2008

It's Coming...

Are you excited? The first official Oscar analysis of the season is going to be posted this weekend. Oh damn!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning

Yes, I have left my job at the company I have worked for the last seven months. Am I disappointed? Yes. Sad? Yes. Though, I'm also content with the fact that it was the best decision and I left on good terms.

Looking back, I got some great memories, which should be some great stories for many years. I also met some great people, who I hope to keep in touch with for many years. Learned a lot and am still grateful I was given an opportunity to even work at such a company. You're probably scratching your head as to why I quit?

I realized that sometimes you do things that don't always make sense in the moment, but later on you realize that it was for a reason. Unfortunately, I'm not going to get into it on this blog, but the film industry is not an easy industry to work at by any means. It's the exact opposite. No, I'm not leaving the industry, but I needed to move on to a different company.

When will that be? Not sure, but sooner rather than later. Contrary to popular belief, unemployment is not that fun. Wait, it's fun for like a day or two, then you start to get restless and the days go by slow. It's only been a week and I'm already starting to feel it. Let me put this way I look like a lumberjack. Sad, but true.

I'm hopeful everything works out (cross your fingers) and I'm looking forward to my next gig in the industry. Don't forget my readers, I'm only 23 and ready to shock the world! Still not sure how that's happening, but that's what I wrote in my high school yearbook...

The Daisies Have Been Pushed

Ned the Piemaker and Chuck can finally kiss.

Pushing Daisies has been canceled. It's already over for the ABC show. The show was only two seasons old. I actually recently bought the first season on DVD and going into the viewing somewhat blinded, I enjoyed it. I love the visuals and music. The look and feel really reminds me of Big Fish and even Edward Scissorhands (Tim Burton had no affilation with the show, but feels like he influenced it).

The two seasons had a total of 22 episodes (a couple I believe still need to be aired), which is practically a season's worth of episodes. There's no denying that the strike didn't help the show's cause. It aired nine episodes before the strike halted production. Did the long break hurt? Of course, but the show was somewhat in trouble before that with poor ratings. When season two didn't rebound, then that's trouble for any show.

I heard from a friend that the second season is not as good as the first. I haven't seen any of it, so I can't really say. Maybe, the show really just had a sophomore slump and screwed itself.

I don't know if this show will develop a cult following. There's is no denying that the show was unique and the visual style was very refreshing for a television show. One thing is for certain, it is another show added to the "Why was this show canceled?" list. So good, yet axed. Damn those ratings. Then again, look at the bright side, maybe Bryan Fuller will return to Heroes...

Monday, November 17, 2008

End of TRL is End of an Era

I was never a fan of the show and I barely ever watched it, but I was honestly sad to hear that TRL is now no more. It was easily the must see show in the afternoon in the late 90s. I was 13 during its premiere and everyone was watching it including my sister and dog. It was hard to avoid in the afternoon.

Now granted I never listened to any of the bands/musicians on the show, but I remember its impact. Every weekday Carson Daly would count down the hottest videos in Times Square. Mostly consisting of boy bands or pop princesses, there was the occasional band that snuck on there like Blink 182 or even Korn in the early days.

TRL served a strong purpose in its early days. It helped launch careers. It gave young artists an extra boost. NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Britney, Jessica, Christina, the list goes on and on. These artists went to another level that may not have been possible without the show.

I have no idea what happened to this show? I know Carson left in 2003. I know the kids that grew up with the show, simply grew up. I know the music landscape changed, but I figured the show would continue. Apparently, viewership has steeply declined, so MTV decided to pull the plug.

Speaking of MTV, what the hell is up with that channel? I know you have to adapt to the current times, but to me this channel is nowhere near what it was. Yes, I enjoy some of the reality shows (especially on VH1), but MTV should be about music videos and there is simply too much reality shows on. It's a music channel!

I do want to recall my favorite TRL memory (Yes, I do have one). It probably happened in 1999 (I know I was in the 8th grade). Chain letters were popular and there was one going around to vote for New Kids on the Block on a set date. This letter got huge and on that day I actually watched the show to see if it was going to be number one. Believe it or not, New Kids were number two that day (they probably lost to Backstreet or NSYNC) with their video, Hangin' Tough. I just thought that was funny and I think really proved the power of that show in the late 90s.

I'm sure most people feel the same way as me. Though not a fan of the show, the end of TRL is the end of an era. It's another sign that my childhood is dead. I need a tissue...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It All Began with The Experience

(Redding, Hendrix, and Mitchell in 1967)

I'm honestly shocked to hear the sudden death of Mitch Mitchell, who was famously the drummer of the Jimi Hendrix Experience. With his passing, now all three members of one of rock's greatest power trios are no longer here. Hendrix was 27. Redding was 57. Mitchell was 61.

There's no denying the fact that The Beatles are by far my favorite (and the best) band ever, but what few people realize is that my gateway drug to classic rock and more importantly The Beatles was none other than The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

It all started back in 1997/1998 when Hollywood Hulk Hogan started to use Voodoo Child (Slight Return) as his entrance music.  I was simply blown away and one of the first cds I ever got was Jimi Hendrix's greatest hits.  I listened to that album a lot while most of my friends and fellow classmates in middle school were listening to gangster rap.

I figured if this band was good why not listen to some other bands like The Beatles and The Doors to name a few.  And the rest is history.

In retrospect, I owe a lot to Jimi, Noel, and Mitch.  So, I've decided that I'm going to listen to Are You Experienced?, Axis Bold as Love, and Electric Ladyland in order while smoking a joint.  I'm going to relive the magic long into the night.

I'm not working tomorrow, so fuck it, I'm doing it.  Oh, and about work, I'll write about that very soon.  Don't worry I didn't get fired...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

No on 8

I just watched this and found it to be very inspiring.  Hard to believe Keith Olberman has spent a good portion of his career being a sports anchor.  Like Olberman, I'm straight and I just find this whole Prop 8 deal in California to be a disgrace.

Why do so many people care?  More importantly, why don't people realize that they are supporting discrimination?  I have to applaud many of my fellow Californians for making some noise.  It seems very evident that this fight is long from over.  Don't ask me how, but I've accidentally walked into two different protests in the last week for Prop 8.  Each time, I was getting a hamburger at Carl's Jr. (I had coupons...) and briefly joined the protest as I headed back to my apartment.

I've come to the sad conclusion that homophobia still rages on in even "liberal" parts of this country.  Tying this post into movies, I can't help, but revisit the 2005 Oscars when one of the most successful award precursor films ever, Brokeback Mountain, was upset by an extremely forgettable and overrated film, Crash.  There's no denying that Brokeback lost due to its profile of homosexuals.

Now, in 2008, another film, Milk, will be in contention for many awards.  Will it follow the same fate?  It sadly wouldn't surprise me at all.

I hope in 40 years, we'll look back at all this and shake our heads in disgust.  We apparently didn't learn from history.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Important Reminder

Will have more to write about in the near future, but just wanted to send a friendly reminder for everyone to head to the polls tomorrow regardless of who you're voting for...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Oscar Update: Best Picture Predix

I was just taking a peak at my very early predictions for this year's upcoming Oscars. Here they are if you forget:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Revolutionary Road
The Soloist

Best Picture: Revolutionary Road

Of course this list doesn't really work anymore.  The Soloist is actually getting pushed to 2009, so that throws that out.  I'm also abandoning Changeling.

I'm actually hearing a lot of good things about TFF (Toronto Film Festival) film, Slumdog Millionaire.  Though, that right now is on the outside looking in along with Australia and Doubt.

Though, I've jumped on The Dark Knight bandwagon.  The other new addition is Milk, which I'm surprised I didn't pick back in February.

Here's my revised list:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Dark Knight
Revolutionary Road

Best Picture: Revolutionary Road

The majority of these predictions are on pure speculation of course, but I still think Road is the film to beat.  Anytime I see a film directed by Sam Mendes, produced by Scott Rudin, and starring Leo and Kate, then that looks like a Best Picture frontrunner.  Anyone agree?

The Dark Knight is a tough pick.  The serious contenders are still not released (which gives it an early advantage) and the box office this film racked up was unbelievable.  I actually still can't believe it did as well as it did.  Another reason is that I simply don't foresee this year being like the last, which in my opinion had one of the best, Best Picture nominees in recent memory.  Basically, it's a year when a film like this could possibly sneak in.

I also am exciting and intrigued by Button and Milk equally.  Both trailers make me excited in more ways than one.  One plot is very unique and the other very relevant.  Both directed by heavyweights, David Fincher and Gus Van Sant, respectively.  Both starring heavyweights, Brad Pitt and Sean Penn, respectively.  If you can't tell, I like both these films' chances a lot.

Frost/Nixon, while it seems like a strong film, I wouldn't be surprised if it fails expectations.  I'm not that convinced by its power at all.  I don't think the box office will be strong and the cast is not necessarily A-list.  Though it does have Ron Howard and screenwriter, Peter Morgan, behind it.

Keep checking back for more thoughts.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It Really Doesn't Come Easy

As a huge Beatles fan and maybe one of the biggest ones you'll ever meet, I couldn't believe when I heard Ringo Starr filmed a video with him saying that he didn't want anyone to send him fan mail. I work in the film industry and know how fan mail generally works. I know what it does for fans. And, for someone to say don't send me stuff is just plain stupid.

The average person probably doesn't realize that the majority of actors/actresses/musicians/celebrities don't even read their fan mail. Most of them don't sign stuff that is sent in (mostly pictures). Yet, they don't say a damn thing. Why? Because fan mail is a way for some people to feel better about themselves. Some people write about someone being an inspiration. Does Ringo realize that fan mail comes from all ages and all over the world? Hell, it even comes from prison.

I'm disappointed in Ringo and honestly the video was a total mistake. Ringo should realize that even if people send stuff that doesn't mean he has to sign it. He doesn't have to do anything. Anyone who sends fan mail should realize that is a risk when writing to your idol.

The real question should be what the hell is Ringo too busy doing? I hate to say this, but Ringo is a shell of his former self. His concerts are mediocre at best. Yes, he was a Beatle and I'll always respect him for that, but wake up Ringo. You made yourself look like an idiot.

Peace and love, Ringo, peace and love...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Past, The Present, and The Future

Welcome to the past, present, and future of this blog. I posted!?! I know can you believe it? I can't either. I probably won't post for another three months, so enjoy this post while you can. Emotionally become immersed in this post while you read every single word.

The Past: I was a blogging legend. I posted sometimes numerous times a day and people actually read and commented on what I wrote.

The Present: I work way too much. I don't make enough money. I have done things that would make some bloggers envious. Although, let's cut the shit and realize my life isn't sex and candy.

The Future: I have no fucking clue, which makes it somewhat fun and exciting. I'm 23 years old and I have no clue. I have a college degree. I have produced films that are in film festivals. I talk to agents, managers, and big time producers five days a week. I've got drunk with the child star of Free Willy. I greeted Anne Heche and Will Forte in the lobby. I've talked to Zach Braff, Justin Chambers, and Paul Dano. I've even met Jeff Goldblum in a bathroom. And finally, Corey fucking Haim welcomed me to Hollywood (long story).  Yet, the future remains completely wide open.

So, is this blog dead? I don't believe in death. The Oscars are coming up. I'm excited. Are you? I'm going to try to post and talk about them. Maybe not as good as last year, but considering the circumstances, take what you can get.

I don't know if you remember, but I'm the only blogger that lives in walking distance to the Kodak Theatre. I'm right in the center of the action. I'm the fucking man. And, I'm fucking back (I think)!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

17x Champions

Add another championship to Boston's impressive resume. It's hard to believe that this is the first one being raised to the new Boston Garden's rafters. It's even harder to believe that it was the first championship won in Boston since the 1986 NBA title. That's a total of six championships that I remember (seven if you count '86 NBA when I was one year old). All six also came within a period of seven years (February '02 to June '08). That's pretty damn good.

Yes, there's always highs and lows, but it's still great to be a Boston sports fan. At least for me, I love all four major teams in the city and you look for them to give you hope and excitement. If a team falls, then another team picks you up. I still won't forget about the recent Super Bowl, but for the moment I'm happy.

It's funny to think how quickly the Celtics have gone from bums to the most celebrated team in the city. This team did win 24 games last year. Granted they have a completely different team now, but it gives anyone hope that a team can be turned around so quickly. A couple trades and smart free agent pickups can make you a contender overnight. That is what happened to this team and that's why they are the world champions.

Where do they go from here? I don't know for sure, but if they can keep the nucleus I can't see how you can't like them winning next year. It's exciting to be a Celtics fan. And, that is never a bad thing.
Here's a couple quick notes to think about:

- Maybe I'm just a bigger Patriots fan, but this championship still didn't make me forget about the tragic Super Bowl back in February. I realized as the clock went to 0:00 that yet another championship can't make the pain disappear. Like other great losses that the city has suffered, it will be a scar that will never go away.

- On the topic of that Super Bowl, can you imagine if the Pats won? Boston would be home to three of the four major champions in North America right now and until October. It would have easily been the greatest stretch of time in the history of sports. I don't know how you could argue with that statement? A baseball team that swept the World Series and came back from 3-1 to win the pennant. A basketball team that won 66 regular season games and clinched the title by 39 points. Then, a football team that had a perfect 19-0 season. What if... (shaking my head in disappointment)

- It's hard to rate where Paul Pierce ranks among all time Celtics. The franchise is so storied that I truly believe people need to wait for him to retire. Even then, how do you compare him to former legends such as Russell, Bird, Cousy, and Havlicek to name a few? Here's the thing about the Celtics. You can't compare by number of championships. It's a tough call. If I was forced to place him somewhere right now here is how I would do it. There's Bird and Russell. Then, there's Cousy, Havlicek, Sam Jones, Dave Cowens, Kevin McHale, and Paul Pierce in the next category. I don't care what Pierce does, I don't think he could crack Bird/Russell territory.

- I can guarantee you that Pierce, Garnett, and Allen will all have their numbers retired by the team. How do I know this? The Celtics retire everyone's number. Just look at the rafters and I know that the average fan can't name half the numbers up there. If Garnett and Allen play a few more years here and win another championship they'll easily join Pierce up there. Even if they don't, I still like their chances.

- On the topic of Allen, Garnett, and Pierce, many people may want to call them finally the Big Three. Maybe, they are, but to me that will always be only three people: Bird, McHale, and Parish. I love Ray, Kevin, and Paul, but we need to get them a new nickname.

- I still remember when Paul Pierce was drafted. I went to the draft party with my Dad back in '98 at the Garden (then called the Fleet Center) and still remember Rick Pitino coming out and saying the Celtics were drafting Pierce. I hated Pierce in college (I'm a UNC fan), but was ecstatic that he slipped to number ten. I couldn't be happier for a guy. Through everything, he led the team to a title even if it was ten years later. It could be argued that Ray Allen was the MVP of the finals, but it had to go to Pierce. I don't think I need any further explanation. In the words of an old bowling buddy of mine, Paul Pierce is fierce.

- The new Garden will never be the old Garden. It's pointless to even argue that. Though, it's great that the building finally has a moment that it can call it's own. Part of me is glad they lost game five because last night was special. Only if the Bruins would wake up and get with the program.

- As for the celebration, why do people have to destroy property and be violent? It's stupid. Plus, it makes the city and Celtic fans look bad. There's no reason why people can't simply go out and have fun whether it be in a public or private setting. Yet, it never fails that people get arrested. This simply pisses me off and if you're a true fan of the Celtics or any other Boston team (Sox fans are notorious for this), it should piss you off, too. There's absolutely no reason for it.

- If there is a heaven, I can only imagine what Red Auerbach must be thinking. Not only did the Celtics win another title, but they took out the Lakers and Phil Jackson. It would have created a classic Red moment during the trophy presentation. If you don't know what I mean, then I highly suggest you watch the video below, which was also the last time the Celtics defeated the Lakers in the '84 finals.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Sometimes movies on cable can be just as good if not better than films released theatrically.  Part of that is the freedom that filmmakers are allowed on cable.  When I was back at film school, I was listening to a Q & A from two directors and they said they preferred to make movies on HBO.  The point I'm trying to make is Recount, which recently premiered on HBO is damn good movie.

Not only does the film tackle a huge issue (2000 Presidential election), but it delivers solid performances and really takes you back to that crazy period in late 2000 when no one knew who the hell was going to be President.

I was only 15 back in 2000, but I remember that election and staying up until 2 or 3 a.m. waiting to see who won.  Of course, the winner wasn't decided that night and Recount chronicles from election day until the Supreme Court came down on a decision in December.  It could be easily argued that the film is made by Democrats, but it does a good job looking at both sides of the battle.  I didn't even find it to be a biased approach.

The film is anchored a strong performance by Kevin Spacey as Ron Klain, who also produced the film.  Though, the shining light of the film may be Laura Dern, who gives what I predict will be an Emmy nominated performance as Katherine Harris. Also, Denis Leary, Tom Wilkinson, John Hurt, Bob Balagan, Ed Begley Jr. provide additional support.

The crazy thing about that recount is that no one knew how big of an election that really was.  It's impossible to know if Al Gore would have been a great president, but it's easy to believe he would have been better than George W. Bush.  If the Gore camp continued to fight and eventually won Florida, where would we be today?  That's part of the beauty of this film.  You're with the Gore camp and you experience the ups and downs of their battle to get Gore in the White House.

When it's over, you're drained of your energy and hope.  Part of the reason is that you know what will happen over the next eight years.  You feel pity for the Bush camp as you would be happy for their victory if you didn't know that Bush would be arguably the worst president in history.

I'm sure the film will be on DVD eventually, but if you have HBO I would strongly consider watching it.  It's worth the two hours of your time.

The Joke Show a.k.a. MTV Movie Awards

Yes, the MTV Movie Awards never intended to be taken seriously, but it's got to the point where the show is unwatchable.  It all starts with preshow, which was hosted by two people I've never even heard of.  They were horrible and "red carpet" interviews were below average.

I feel like the show tries to be too cool and it fails.  I mean why have Tom Cruise present Adam Sandler the generation award?  Even Mike Myers busting out Wayne's World was lackluster.  Is Myers lacking so much material that he has to bring back old SNL skits?

I do have to give credit to James Franco and Seth Rogen as they "smoked weed" on the stage.  It had an MTV feel to it, but they got scared and went to the a wide shot.  I don't know if that was planned, but it was pointless if they are just going to go wide.  Still, that was a funny moment.

Though, the most important question is why they have an award called "Best Summer Movie So Far"?  Give me a break.  That may be the stupidest award ever given out in the history of award shows.

As for the other awards.  Nothing really special about this show.  I found it to be very forgettable.  Though, I was surprised to see Transformers take the top prize.  I figured it was going to be Juno.  I guess this was consolation for Transformers getting shut at the Oscars.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mikey Filmmaker Turns 23

Yes, today is my birthday. I'm 23. Damn, I'm starting to get old. I actually pulled out a piece of gray hair out of my head this morning and my bad hurts. It sucks.

Seriously, I'm going to try to post some stuff this weekend since I feel like I've let down some of my hardcore fans. I do have a little treat for you all. This is something I wrote a couple months ago. It's a haiku I wrote one night while I was very stoned. Don't ask, but I have a thing for writing haikus while high. Though, I wouldn't try it at home. I'm a professional ston... I mean haiku writer.
The Legend of Mikey Filmmaker
He will save us all
Women love and adore him
Blogs like no other

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

R.I.P. Sydney Pollack 1934-2008

As I'm sure the rest of the filmmaking world knows, Sydney Pollack died yesterday. I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of Pollack's, but I did enjoy some of his movies including Tootsie, which would have to be my favorite. Others I know about and need to make the time in my life to view them such as Three Days of the Condor and Out of Africa.

The great thing about Pollack that I always admired was the fact that he was not only a director, but also a producer. Hell, he even acted in some of his films. My favorite was in Tootsie when he played Dustin Hoffman's agent. That argument they get in about Hoffman getting in character to play a tomato is classic.

As mentioned above, Sydney became a producer on a number of well known films. He actually started a production company I believe with Anthony Minghella, who also unfortunately passed away earlier this year. Most recently, Pollack produced Michael Clayton and the HBO film, Recount (which I will write about in the near future).

Though, Sydney Pollack will probably be forever linked to Out of Africa, which gave him the coveted Oscar. I've never seen the film, but it won eight Oscars and was nominated for a total of eleven. Believe me, it doesn't happen every year. That is one hell of accomplishment.

Sydney has been ill for a while.  I remember back at Oscar time hearing about his declining health and it possibly playing a role in Michael Clayton's Oscar chances. Sadly, it was his swan song.  And let me tell you, that's one hell of a swan song.

Sydney Pollack will be missed.

He was 73.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Belated Blog Anniversary

I just realized yesterday that the this blog turned one year old on May 18, 2008. I like to think it's been quite an interesting year. It's been filled with plenty of positives and I look forward to year two.

I actually got to write about a couple things, but I need to sit down and want to write them. I don't know why, but I really need a back massage right now. I think if I can get one, then I will be back in shape and ready to blog. I think because I'm sitting down in a chair for almost twelve hours a day, my back needs to get rubbed or something. It's weird, but true.

I'll have more later, the Celtics are now and I'm going to watch the game.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cannes Newsflash!

I want to clarify something quickly before I head to bed. Right now, the Cannes Film Festival is going on. It's arguably the biggest festival of the year. It's also the most mispronounced festival in the world. So, I ask the simple question, why do people insist that Cannes is pronounced like "khan"?

Sorry to report, but it's pronounced like "can".

Working in the film industry I haven't heard one person pronounce it as "khan", but rather "can" every time. Yet, I have had endless arguments with my friends during the last couple years about the proper pronunciation. I was told I was wrong.

Well, I'm happy to report I was right and that's that. I'm going to bed. The endless argument has ended.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Extremely Difficult Question

I can't decide. Would love to see what people think.

What the Hell Happened?

I have no idea, but I'm still alive and well. I've actually been moving and am finally settled in. And, not going to lie, that's a good feeling. Although, it's a little odd since I'm living by myself for the first time ever. I've got no roommates or family living with me. I get home after a long day of work and I got no one to ask how my day was.

As for myself, I do plan to start posting more frequently and I mean it this time. If I don't, then I have no excuses, so feel free to let me hear it.

As I've stated before, the job is priority number one for obvious reasons. And, that is always going to be an obstacle regardless of where I'm living. It's been an adventure. I've been there for a little over a month and it has its moments. I'm not trying to brag, but here is a list of a few people I've encountered during the last month.

* denotes if I met in person

Justin Chambers
Anne Dudek
Joe Gordon-Levitt
*Will Forte
*Corey Haim
*Anne Heche
Allison Mack
Amy Madigan
Jessica Walter
*Dean Winters