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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mitchell Report Equals Roger Clemens*

Mo Vaughn was my favorite player growing up. Roger Clemens was arguably the greatest pitcher post World War II. Miguel Tejada was an MVP. Eric Gagne was too. Andy Pettitte was a Yankee and I despise him. What do they all have in common? They were all listed in the Mitchell Report.

I've read a decent amount of the Mitchell Report today and watched all the press conferences. And, honestly I'm not that surprised at the findings. Major League Baseball is a big steroid mess. The sad part is that this wasn't even close to a cumulative report. Mitchell had no power to subpoena. His sources were only limited to a couple people. That explains the reason why the majority of people named belonged to BALCO and two personal trainers from the Yankees and Mets respectively.

That's part of the problem I have with the report. I feel like a lot of guys got off the hook today. The report was only limited to a couple sources. I hope baseball adopts a much harder testing policy. I'm talking about one strike is a one year suspension and strike two is a ban for life. I'm not one hundred percent sure of this, but I know gambling on the game is a very harsh penalty. I think it's one strike and you receive a lifetime ban (I could be wrong on this).

The big question now is what to do? After today, I hope the world realizes that Barry Bonds is not the only face of steroids. Roger Clemens is as big of a name as Bonds. Baseball has to face the fact that their best hitter and pitcher (at least awards wise) of the last twenty years have juiced. That hurts. It's still early and maybe the accusations are lies, but I believe it.

Dan Duquette said famously back in 1996 that Clemens was in "the twilight of his career". People laughed at him the years since that statement. Now, looking back at it, Duquette might have been right and for that, I apologize. Clemens was in the twilight of his "natural" career.

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