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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Special Dream

I seriously had one of the weirdest dreams ever the other night and I figured since I got nothing else to write about that I'll let you into my mind. Here we go...

Somehow, I've become a part of "Boogie Nights". I'm hanging around with Reed Rothchild and Todd Parker. The three of us decide to sell bad cocaine to Rahad Jackson (exactly like the movie). We decide to go to his place only we realize his place is like a huge warehouse with cement floors. It's practically Costco since people are shopping in the store.

We end of waiting for him and for some reason I got to take a piss, so I head to the bathroom. The next thing I know I'm walking out and realize we've been busted for a bad deal. I walk past a sectioned off part of the warehouse with a fence, reminded me of where Costco keeps the alcohol. I walk pass this huge guy and everyone is looking for me, but no one seems to recognize me. I see this picture of both Reed and Todd magically appear, showing how they were caught, but they look nothing like them.

Anyway, I decide to escape and leave the Costco like warehouse. I'm getting nervous, so I started running like crazy when I get out. The odd part is I don't have on the right shoes, so I can't run that fast. Somehow, I end up at the subway station. I look at the map, but most of the lines are shut down. I need to get to Jack's house for safety, but can't figure out what to do.

Another jump cut happens and I'm at Jack's house. He's telling me how they shoot on video now and like to do things different than before. I end up being in the dressing room and pull out my dick, staring in the mirror (last shot in the movie) and talking to myself. I decide though that I'm not going to put my dick back in my pants and I unbutton my shirt to be different. I walk to the set that exact way. I don't remember anything else.

Back to reality, I don't have any idea what that dream means. I just know that when I woke up I had a huge boner. What? I had to pee.

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