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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sick of College Coaches

I think it's safe to say that the majority of the country (save for the Deep South) are sick of recent college coaches coming to the NFL only to leave for college right away. Steve Spurrier (two seasons) started the trend. Then, Nick Saban (two seasons) followed. Although, Bobby Petrino today takes the cake. At least the other two guys lasted one full season. Petrino lasted only 13 games. What a loser!

Petrino really is a loser and everyone is letting him know it. I personally think it's pathetic. The guy got an opportunity to coach in the NFL. I don't care if people think NCAA football has more passion. The NFL is for the big boys. It's the ultimate goal and a league of men. Not a collection of "kids" playing football. Yeah, I think the college game is exciting, but I would take the NFL over it any day of the week.

The funny part for me is the fact that the three coaches I listed, all jumped ship to the SEC. I've been down to the Deep South and SEC country. Yes, SEC football is their life. And, I'm sure everyone in Arkansas is smiling, but sadly SEC football is all the Deep South has. Like Petrino, SEC football and that whole region is pathetic. So really, it's probably a blessing that someone like him is out of the NFL. The most successful league in professional sports doesn't need to deal with that shit.

All I know is I'm not even a Falcons fan and I'm mad about this. I think what makes me mad is that he couldn't finish the season and the fact that he left for Arkansas. That team is mediocre. If you're going to completely ruin your reputation, you should at least go to the class of the SEC such as LSU, Florida, or Tennessee.

Have fun in the "great" state of Arkansas, Bobby.

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