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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Benefits of a Beard

I was just caressing my beard and I was thinking about its benefits. Really, beards have benefits just like jobs have benefits.

I actually haven't even trimmed my beard since I've been in Massachusetts and it's beginning to gain some volume (it looks bad ass). It is also assisting in keeping me warm during the current snowstorm that is going on outside my window right now.

I also believe strongly in the playoff beard and I attribute it to the success of Boston sports. The Red Sox are the champions. The Patriots are undefeated. The Celtics are 18-2. The Bruins even have 37 points (number four in the conference). Yeah, it's amazing.

I know after reading this short post you must be telling yourself, "Wow Mike is right. Beards really do have benefits."

1 comment:

Kyle said...

Hahahaha. Yes, Mike. These are the kinds of posts I like to read.