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Friday, December 28, 2007

15 Down, 4 To Go, and Tomorrow

It could be argued that tomorrow is the biggest regular season game in not only the history of the Patriots, but the whole NFL. The Pats look to go an unprecedented 16-0. Hard to believe, really. When the season began, I didn't think it would. I hoped so, but thought it was too unrealistic. Now, in less than 24 hours, the Pats could be perfect heading into the playoffs.

The best thing I love about the Patriots and Belichick is that even if they finish to 16-0, they won't be celebrating. They'll probably barely smile. They want the world championship and want the 19-0 record. We'll see if it happens (I think it will), but tomorrow the only focus is 16-0.

As for the actual game, I actually think it will be anti-climatic. I anticipate Coughlin to play it smart and rest some of his best players. They are playing a game next week against the Bucs (Gruden has already started resting guys). Plus, winning in the playoffs is more important than a regular season game. It's the right move and I would do it, too.

It's not like the Giants are going to be the only team that has fallen to the almighty Patriots in 2007.

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