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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

13 Down, 6 To Go

I think it's safe to say that the Patriots have shut up some of the doubters. After guaranteeing a victory, the Steelers got their asses kicked by the Pats on Sunday. And, with the victory, one has to think the Pats are actually going to run the table. They now have games against the Jets, Dolphins, and Giants. The only game that concerns me a little is the Giants game. The thing is that the Giants will probably choose to rest their players since their playoff position will already be determined. It really doesn't make any sense to risk injury just so they can try to beat the Pats.

The big debate in New England right now is how important is this record to the Pats? I'm getting the sense some people are worried that even if they finish 16-0, nothing is for sure when it comes to the playoffs. A game against Indy in the AFC Championship or even Dallas in the Super Bowl will still be a challenge, but lets not worried about that right now.

As for the next two weeks, they SHOULD be cakewalks, but never say never.

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