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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

12 Down, 7 To Go

Last night's Patriots game might have been the best regular season game I've ever watched. If you thought the Colts game was exciting, this game was fucking exciting. I still can't believe they won. They faced fourth down twice with the game on the line and survived. How? Some say luck. Some say destiny. I say a little of both.

The Ravens stopped the Pats on a fourth and one, but called a timeout. Although, I agree with Brian Billick when he said that if they didn't call timeout and the Pats got it, then everyone would have complained. Like anything in life, hindsight is 20/20. Then, there was a false start and the Pats were stopped again. It was beginning to become torture for a fan. Of course, the Pats managed a first down on the next play on a fourth and six.

Of course the next play the Ravens are complaining about is the fourth down holding penalty that led to the final touchdown. All I can say is if you hold someone after five yards, then it's a penalty. Ask Miami about that in the 2002 National Championship. It's the ref's job to throw the flag if necessary.

The big concern for any Patriots fan is if this team can go the distance without a loss. Honestly, I'd rather lose one of the next four games, then get upset in January. Being undefeated is great and all, but who cares if you can't hold up the trophy in the end. Teams are also started to play the Pats much tougher. The last two weeks, two mediocre teams gave them all they had. Two quarterbacks who started the year as backups played like pro bowlers. Defenses also realized they have to be tougher and have been beating up the Pats (something the Pats did to the Rams in SB XXXVI).

It's going to be interesting and week after week it's going to be tougher. And, if they survive the regular season, wait until the playoffs. Seven games is a long way to go.

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