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Sunday, November 4, 2007

What a Game!

Wow, did you watch the Pats and Colts game today? That game really lived up to the hype. I cannot remember being so nervous during the regular season. I just really wanted the Pats to win that game. I was jumping up and down, pumping my fists, and yelling throughout the whole game. I couldn't even sit down for the whole fourth quarter.

I still actually can't believe they even won. I do think the Pats are the better team, but a lot did not go their way. They made a ton of penalties in that game. Some I didn't agree with, but it simply becomes a side point since they emerged victorious. I guarantee if they lost, the officiating would be a huge topic of conversation today. There were definitely some questionable calls in regards to pass interference.

I know everyone is writing this, but it's extremely clear after this game that there are two teams competing for the Super Bowl this year. Barring any major injuries or playoff upsets, I definitely anticipate the Colts traveling to New England for the AFC Championship in January. And, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be a great game. Luckily, the Pats were the winners this time around and hopefully they can pull it off again.

I forgot what it's like to be in a close game. The Pats first eight games have been somewhat of a joke. Although, I do think it's good for them. It's a reality check that teams in the NFL need. It keeps you grounded and that's important. Now, it will be interesting to see if this team can run the table. Still, too early, but there is a very good chance. They play three more difficult teams in the regular season (Steelers, Ravens, and Giants). I'm not willing to gamble on it yet, but I think they got a damn good shot at 19-0.

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