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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Tips for Black Friday

If you're going to shop tomorrow, you better bring your "A" game. Yes, tomorrow is Black Friday where the ocassional person can get murdered at the mall if they aren't careful. Too many times do people go shopping tomorrow and not have a plan. Here let me explain to you my strategy.

1. Get there right as the store opens. Why? You have the best selection and you get it over with. You have the whole weekend to recover. Hell, pull an all nighter. Then, I go back to bed and sleep all day.

2. You have to prioritize what you want. Hit up the stores with "must have" items right at the beginning even if it screws up your driving plan. I make a list of the items I want with the stores on the next line. Then, I plan out my day.

3. This really only works well for dvds, but buy first and think later. Even if that means buying the same dvd if it's cheaper somewhere else. You can always return the item the next week. I did that last year at Best Buy and I had no problems. I saved only two dollars with the difference, but those two dollars bought me six tacos the next Tuesday at Del Taco.

Don't know if that will help you, but that's what I'm doing tomorrow. Don't say I didn't tell you so when I'm walking out of the store with all the good movies and you're stuck buying "Norbit".

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