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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Predicting the Battle of the Unbeatens

And so tomorrow the NFL will host one of the most anticipated regular season matchups in history. The Patriots (8-0) battle the Colts (7-0) in a game that could decide home field advantage. It could also very well be the first of two meetings for this team. Hell, it's the rematch of last year's AFC Championship.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. I'm still pissed about last year's heartbreaking loss in the last minute. As a Patriots fan, I want my revenge on the Colts. I just hope they show the game in southern California. I need to save money and not go to a bar tomorrow.

I do hope it's a good game, but honestly I just want to win. Don't care how we do it, I just want to kill the Colts tomorrow. And, I really think they will. I don't think some people realize how good this team really is and after tomorrow the whole world will be convinced.

Yes, I like the Patriots in this game. I'll make a bold prediction of 41-28 over the Colts in an old fashioned shootout.

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