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Friday, November 9, 2007

Let the Casualties Begin

Well, the WGA strike has claimed at least one victim. Yours truly. It looks like I had a very good chance at landing that job at Industry Entertainment, but a hiring freeze took effect on Monday. Thus, ending my hopes of employment there until the strike ends. I'm sure in the coming weeks, many more casualities in the entertainment industry will be announced.

It's too bad really because most of the people getting laid off are the ones that just started in this business. Some probably worked their asses off to even get a job (my roommate, Julian, for example who is quietly counting down his days). Working anywhere in the entertainment industry is no easy task. It's a fucking jungle out there.

It's easy to support the WGA when you're making good money like many of the high profile celebrities that have joined the picket lines. It makes it easy to forget about the little man. I guess that's what makes it difficult for me to swallow and why you will never see me honking my horn or giving a thumbs up.

I honestly don't support either side. I support a resolution.

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