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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Facebook Apps are Lame

Quick quesion for the facebook users of the world. Is there a worse application on facebook than "Compare People". I don't know, maybe I'm not that cool, but I hate that application. Ocassionally I will get a notification that someone ranked me or whatever. Then, I look I my stats and they are horrible.

I can't be the only person to get a little hurt by the fact that I've been passed over multiple times for "most attractive" or "more likely to sleep with". I know it's all "fun", but most people take it somewhat seriously. Granted I have no idea who I was up against or who voted, but still. Doesn't really make someone feel that great about themselves.

I know it's a dumb application, but I really think facebook needs to end all the stupid applications. I enjoy the site, but I think they need to get back to the basics. There's no reason to have thousands of applications that most serve no purpose.

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