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Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Fab Four Continue to Not Disappoint

For any Beatles fan that resides in southern California and has not had the chance to see Beatles tribute band, The Fab Four, shame on you! I've seen them three times in the last year and they continue to impress me. Last night they played the entire Sgt. Pepper album. It might sound easy, but you could see the band sweating it out. They congratulated each other after finishing songs and really put on a good show. This was far superior to their Abbey Road show last year.

The big quesion is was it better than the Sgt. Pepper show at the Hollywood Bowl? It's tough to compare the two shows really. The styles were much different and under different circumstances. I'll call it a stalemate. If anyone has seen both and wants to give me their opinion, I'd be curious to listen.

The Fab Four are supposed to be The Beatles. They dress, talk, and act like them in every way. It's not only a concert, but a theater performance. I've seen many different Beatle cover bands and this one is the best. I've seen Liverpool, Beatle Juice, The Best of Beatlemania, 1964: A Tribute, The British Invasion, and a bunch of other amateur cover bands during a battle of the bands at the Fest for Beatle Fans in Danvers, MA about five years ago. The Fab Four is the complete package and a treat for Beatle fans.

My only complaint with the show if I really had one was that I was disappointed in the rest of the set. Yes, this album is harder to perform than Abbey Road, but their set was much more complete. This time around they only played some early songs and did the album. They couldn't even squeeze in Strawberry Fields or Penny Lane, which was the real disappointment for me. I didn't even care about the later years. I thought it would have been awesome to play those two songs for the encore.

Otherwise, I tip my hat to them. It was a really great show. That final image of them standing on the stage, replicating the album cover was awesome.

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