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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Don Shula is an Idiot

Don Shula, former head coach of the Miami Dolphins 1972 undefeated team, has recently said if the Patriots go undefeated there should be an asterik next to their name. I'm sorry, but that pisses me off. First of all, the '72 Dolphins might have went undefeated, but a handful of NFL teams from the past would have killed them. There was nothing special about that team at all. Make an argument if you want, but I would take the best Packers team from the 60s, the best Steelers team from the 70s, the '85 Bears, the best 49ers team from the 80s, the best Cowboys team from the 90s, and the 2007 Pats over them any day of the week.

Yeah, the Pats spied on the Jets, but they killed them in that game. I don't think it would have mattered either way, so the point of the asterik is stupid. Is cheating wrong? Yeah, it is, but I'm confident many other teams have done it in the past and probably did it this year before the Pats got caught.

Shula and the rest of the Dolphins should just keep their mouths shut. Another point being the Pats still have a long way to go. I still am not even confident they will pull it off. The problem is the media won't stop talking about it, which makes it an annoying situation.

It's almost as annoying as Don Shula talking like an idiot. Instead of worrying about the Pats, Shula should be worrying about the Dolphins. They have a shot to have a perfect season (0-16) and I bet he'll be complaining about putting an asterik on that too.

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