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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Waiting

So, I had my interview with the agent at CAA on Thursday. I thought it went well. I left with this feeling that I might have a shot. It's tough to know sometimes. As an interviewee, you don't know who you're up against. You also don't know what your interviewer is exactly looking for.

Like I stated many months ago on this blog, there is a real art to interviewing. I feel like I'm okay at it. I wouldn't call myself a great interviewee, but I'm far from horrible. I just honestly want to get this part of my life over with. I want to get a job!

CAA should let me know on Monday if I got the job. They said they might even let me know on Friday, but that didn't happen. You can look at that in a couple different ways. I could be in serious consideration and the agent needs the weekend to decide. I might already be out of the running and they didn't want to ruin my weekend.

I just hope that I'm given another opportunity if this doesn't work out. I'd like to interview for another desk. This is really not probably the easiest desk to get. It's a higher profile desk and the agent seems to have a good reputation.

Now, I have to wait and hopefully hear a positive answer on Monday.

(Crossing fingers)

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