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Sunday, October 7, 2007


I don't know who first thought of it, but tv shows on dvd was a genius idea. I must have spent the last week watching a lot of television on my computer. Here is the list of shows I've conquered in the last week.

How I Met Your Mother, season 1
Nip/Tuck, season 3
The OC, season 4
The Office, season 2
Undeclared, the complete series

You might not think that's a lot of television, but it is. I guess it's one of the benefits of having no job. Not really sure how I'm supposed to feel about that, but I did watch some good television. One actor I have to give props to is Jason Segel. Besides his work in "Freaks and Geeks", he is extremely good in "Undeclared" and "How I Met Your Mother". A lot of people don't give him a lot of credit, but I think he is one of the most underappreciated actors in Hollywood.

I'm also still trying to decide how much I really like "Undeclared". I thought it was really good, but I was left extremely disappointed at the finale. Judd Apatow said in the liner notes it was a big "fuck you" to the studio and it really felt like it. Unfortunately, it felt like a big "fuck you" to the viewer as well since the show simply ended. I would have preferred it to be more concrete since the ending of the episode felt like any other episode. Still, I highly recommend the show even though I thought their interpretation of college was a tad unrealistic.

I guess my plan for next week will be "The Ben Stiller Show" followed by "24". Althought, that's still up in the air. I'll keep you posted.

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