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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Those Halloween Nights

Another year and another Halloween is upon us. In a couple hours, kids from all over the country will dress up and collect lots of candy from people for free. Damn, to only be young again. Granted, eating all the candy is never great, but sometimes you have to spoil yourselves.

What's my favorite costume? I actually have two that I always liked. In my younger years, I was Hulk Hogan and that was a great costume. I think my Mom made it for me, but I don't remember. I was probably four or five. Then, my other personal favorite was the year I was a demented hockey player. You might ask what the hell that is? Well, back in October 1994 the NHL had a lockout. So, I dressed up in a hockey jersey with a goalie mask (similar to Jason's). I carried around a very big knife and put a sign on the back of my jersey. It read, "This strike has made me gone demented!" Don't ask, I was nine.

Of course there were other years of being a zombie or henchman, but those were my best. Oh, the memories.

Happy Halloween!

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