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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Stuck in the Middle

I thought I would be moving to Culver City possibly this weekend. The key word in that sentence is "thought". After assurance from the resident manager that everything would be fine. The management company won't rent out to me because they don't accept out of state co-signers. For a large company, that's complete bullshit to me. So, I now have to go back to looking for another place to live.

The big problem I've encountered is that since I don't have a steady income, places are scared to rent to me. In some ways understandable. The money I earned in Mississippi is nearing the end. Although, I do have really good credit and am actively searching for employment. It's been a frustrating process.

The only good thing right now is that I still have Trish ready to take the room. And, I'm still currently unemployed, so it's no rush in a way.

That could all change tomorrow, but we won't get too ahead of ourselves.

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