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Monday, October 22, 2007

Living in La La Land

Sometimes things work out for the better. Sometimes for the worst. The hard part is that it's difficult to know in the moment. For example, I was rejected by Chapman and went to Fitchburg State for a year. I got in a year later and lived down the hall from a group of guys that are still my best friends out in California. That might have never happened if I didn't get rejected. Flashforward a couple years, I didn't get the job at CAA.

Yeah, I'm mad and disappointed. Although, it's foolish to get obsessed with it because nothing is going to change. I'm a little frustrated that I had to interview for a desk for a high profile agent that put me in a hole from the beginning. Hell, if I was in his position I probably wouldn't have even hired me since I would have wanted someone with more experience. So, there goes my chance with that agency, which leaves me somewhat bewildered. I don't even get a chance to interview for another desk. I get one shot with one agent. I just don't see how that's possible.

So, now I stand all alone looking for some sort of inspiration. AD Personnel is going to send my resume to probably William Morris and the other agencies. They want me to get a job as much as I do. That's how they make their money. It might sound deranged, but I kind of like that situation since we're like a team.

I also found out today that the housing situation with Dres's friend completely fell through. Not the end of the world really since I didn't even know the girl. I mentioned some of the pros the other day, but there could have been plenty of cons. Now, I just have to continue to look at other options. I still blame Fred and Culver City for all this since I had a place.

Bringing this post full circle begs the question whether this will be for better or worst. If you look at my life right now, I've have been a complete failure at the three most important aspects of a man's life: employment, housing, and women. Plain and simple. I seem to follow this trend throughout my lifetime. I have to get kicked on the ground a couple times. It fucking sucks.

Maybe I'll laugh at this point in my life. Maybe I won't. There's nothing more to really say.


Debbie said...

Hey - Wishing you luck getting a job. I enjoyed reading your blog. I wish I could be as open about stuff as you are.

Mikeyy said...

Enjoyed your blog.
Hope you get a job you like.