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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Irv's Burgers is "Just for you"

Among my travels trying to find a place, I happened to bump into this burger stand on Santa Monica called Irv's. I never heard of it, but I was extremely hungry and tired. Plus, this woman pokes her head out of the order window and starts talking to me. I figured what the hell, I got nothing better to do or eat. I was a little pissed at the prices since I thought they were somewhat high. I paid almost seven dollars for a cheeseburger, fries, and drink.

Still, I guess I didn't walk away because of the charm and local atmosphere. Plus, the lady at the window was nice and proved a good point that good customer service pays off. When I got up to the window, she even commented on my ring. "Oh, that's a really nice ring," she said. I smiled and told her it was from graduation. Then, I proceeded to sit down and look at my map of West Hollywood.

After about 7-10 minutes or so, she brought my food out. I then looked down at my plate and she drew something. "Just for you" with a smiley face. I couldn't help, but laugh and smile at the lady. She was definitely one of a kind. The burger and fries were good. The portion was also good that I was stuffed, but didn't feel like I was going to explode. I considered taking the place with me since I thought it was too funny, but it got a little grease and condiments on it, so I threw it out. As I was about to put it in the trash, the lady takes my tray and compliments that I did a good job. I gave her a thumbs up and left.

I couldn't get that burger place out of my head, so when I came back home the other night I looked up info on Irv's Burgers. Apparently, it's one of the oldest hamburger stands around. It was almost closed down a couple years ago, but fought its battle and won. The lady I was talking to was flamboyant owner, Sonia, and she is known for her conversations with customers and writing messages on their plates.

Honestly, it's those gestures that separate businesses. I actually will probably one day go back there and get another burger for the simple reason that I liked the atmosphere and the comfort. Sometimes, those values are forgotten in the food business.

Anyway, I highly recommend Irv's Burgers at 8289 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90046. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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66 Productions said...

It's good to hear an independent postitive review of Irv's. I was a member of the "Burger Brigade" that helped get Irv's Burgers listed as a West Hollywood Historic and Cultural Landmark a couple of years ago. As an active Route 66 preservationist, it was nice to win that battle, and to do so that quickly was a thrill.