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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Game Seven for the Sox

One could make an argument that no other franchise in baseball has had more of a history in game seven. The recent bandwagon fan will tell you that the Sox will play their third game seven in the ALCS in the last five years ('03 and '04). The Sox also have the notorious distinction of losing in game seven of the World Series in 1946, 1967, 1975, and 1986. The game usually served as a painful reminder to fans that "The Curse" existed.

Of course, the Sox have had their moments of glory. They did come back in '86 in the ALCS and beat the Angels after trailing 3-1 in the series. Then, there is the recent trips. In 2003, they lost a heartbreaker to the Yankees in extra innings. A game most people like to forget, but actually a classic. The only way that game would have been better is if the Sox won. In 2004, they completed the comeback and won a rather one-sided game against the Yankees. There was no drama, but it was quite pleasurable to watch the Yankees and their fans look dumbfounded after the final out.

That leaves tonight. As many people predicted, this turned out to be a great series. Really, the only "series" in this postseason. The NL playoffs were a complete bore and the ALDS series were also unenteraining.

I've said this many times, I still can't figure out these Red Sox. They lack the spark of the '03 and '04 teams, yet they come up big when they need to. I personally do like their chances tonight for the simple reason that they are home and have the momentum. Cleveland just lost two straight games with their best pitchers. It's like their backs are against the wall. It's going to be really tough for them to rebound.

Here's the big question: How does Daisuke Matsuzaka pitch? His reputation is on the line. The Red Sox did spent over $100 million dollars on the guy. This is his moment to prove he's worth it. He pitched okay in game three, but he needs to step it up. This guy is talented and maybe the pressure on him is unfair, but that comes with the amount of salary he's getting. It's a simple philosophy that if you don't want the pressure, then don't demand a high salary. Even though it was only one game, J.D. Drew finally shut some people up last night with a great game. Dice K needs to follow suit.

Am I going to make a prediction in this blog? No, do you think I'm stupid? I've learned the hard way in the past. I'm just going to watch the game.

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