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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Those Cheatin' Patriots

I can already hear during my return to California, people continously giving me a hard time about my Patriots stealing signals from the Jets and every other team in the NFL. Let me just remind you, let's not go overboard. The sad part is that everyone outside of New England is going overboard. Why? Because everyone outside of New England hates the Patriots.

Let me say this right now, Taking steroids, carrying a gun, or killing dogs is a much bigger offense than stealing signs. "Cheating" has been a part of sports since its inception. And for people to think that the Patriots should give back their three Super Bowl titles is ludacris. Well, then I guess the Giants should give back their pennant and all the steroid users should erase all their stats.

I really "loved" LaDainian Tomlinson's quote about the Pats living by cheating. LaDainian, you dumb ass football player, your teammate, Shawne Merrimen, was caught using steroids. Last time I checked that was called cheating, so shut your mouth.

Granted what the Pats did was not right, but let's realize you still have to play the game regardless of how much you really know about your oppononent.

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