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Friday, September 21, 2007

Ruining an Iconic Image

I would have probably never seen the image if I didn't read the review on about "Good Luck, Chuck", but I did and the rest is history. Begin tangent.

Apparently, this image has been out for a couple months, but I just saw it today. Shame on the studio for spoofing one of the greatest magazine covers of all time. I'm talking about the John Lennon/Yoko Ono Rolling Stone cover shot on the day Lennon was killed. Back in 2005, it was ranked the greatest cover of all time by (

Shame on Dane Cook and Jessica Alba for even participating in this photo shoot. It's pathetic and disrespectful. I almost walked out of "Employee of the Month", but don't worry I won't even waste my time with "Good Luck, Chuck".

Sadly, they can both only dream of holding any importance in life even close to Lennon and Ono. Jessica Alba might be hotter than Yoko, but that's all she is. Jessica Alba is simply tits and ass. Someone that teenagers can jerk off to and feel good about themselves. Name me a movie where Jessica is actually good? Let me think. None! She's a horrible actress and I will never pay to see another one of her movies. Then, there's Dane. What can I say about that guy other than I think he's a fucking loser. Dane Cook is not even in the same universe as Lennon. He's not funny and he's not a good actor. He makes movies with hot girls only to get critically panned. Then, he's from Arlington and is a wannabe Yankees fan. He's a phony and fucking idiot.

I can't forgive either one of them for making fun of that photo. I hope they both burn in hell. End tangent.

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Kyle said...

Not only is Dane Cooked washed up after only being around for a little over 2 years in the mainstream - he ruins all that he touches. I saw him on ESPN News the other day talking about the Red Sox, and now we're in danger of losing the division. Let's light some torches and hunt him down. I say a stake to the heart. Any different ideas?

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