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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rock of Love

Tonight was the big finale of "Rock of Love". Like "The Pick-up Artist", I have a good idea who he would pick, but it was still a fun episode. Even with Lacey gone from the house, there was still plenty of drama and good entertainment. Although, most of the show was two one-on-one dates with Bret and the remaining girls, Heather and Jes.

I hope they do a follow-up to this show. I thought it was a lot of fun to watch and I missed the first half of the series. Still, I got into this show really easy and thought it was the best reality show VH1 has done. There was drama, excitement, and heartwarming moments. Also, there were times I had no idea who would even be eliminated. For those who missed it, Jes prevailed in the end. Heather probably already booked a laser removal tattoo appointment. She got a tattoo of the word "Bret" on her neck!

I have heard rumors that "Rock of Love" will continue with another rock star from the 1980s, but I would also be curious to see what happens to Bret and Jes. All the winner got was the honor of being Bret's girlfriend. Jes is only 23, so I can't picture her marrying him anytime soon. I heard nothing about a monetary reward, but I'm sure she will get somewhere around $50,000 (amount the winner of "The Pick-up Artist won).

It should be interesting to watch next week's reunion episode. Those are always fun especially since all the contestants are required through contract to appear. Can't wait to hear comments from Lacey and Heather. It could be can't miss tv.

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You knew mystery would pick kosmo on the pick-up artist?

Wow. That's good.

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