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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Pick-up Artist

I really don't feel like writing a lot about this since it is completely pointless, but I'm mad at the winner of VH1's "The Pick-up Artist". Why? Kosmo, the winner, is an actor and I think that bullshit. Believe me, I don't buy that reality television is completely unscripted, but give me a break.

Kosmo might really be bad with woman, but what if he just acted his way to $50,000 and the title? It's a possibility that I wouldn't rule out. I watched every episode and I was pulling for Brady, but he lost out in the end.

I'm not really sure if they will have another season, but if they do, I'm applying. If I get a couple people to help me make a video there is no reason why I can't get on. It could really raise my profile and I could learn a thing or two about women. Plus, I think I have what it takes to be "The Master Pick-up Artist"!

Game over.

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