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Saturday, September 1, 2007


I was thinking today that I can't remember a time when I have looked forward to something as much as the Boston Film Festival in a couple weeks. With everything that has happened in my life, this is it. Through all the lows, I am experienced a total high right now that is unbelievable. I really don't care where I've been or where I'm going, all I know is I want to make the most of this once and a lifetime experience.

As a few people knew, my film was accepted into the festival under unusual circumstances. Partly due to the fact that my Uncle Reevie got to know the creative director after installing a fireplace in the guy's house. After a couple favors, the creative director told him that he would likely accept my film into the festival. Cheating? Maybe, but I don't think you can really cheat in this business. Filmmaking is about who you know first and what you know second. He actually called me the other night and told me that he hadn't even seen the film yet, but wanted it in the festival.

The feel good part of this story is the fact that after he finally saw my movie he called me up tonight (8/31) and really liked the movie. To paraphrase, he told that if he never met my uncle or talked to me, he still would have accepted the film in the festival. That's all I really needed to know. I didn't want in the back of my mind to attend the festival knowing that I didn't belong.

So, here I am a couple weeks away from the festival. I'm returning to Peabody (my hometown) on Sunday and it should be a great couple weeks. If I work the press and festival right, I'm going to be the talk of the city. It's really a big deal. No one to my knowledge from Peabody has ever made a short film. I actually can't even remember anyone from the North Shore making one that garnered any recognition.

So, you better believe I'm going to enjoy this moment. I deserved it.

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