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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chapman Film Pisses Me Off, Sometimes

I was going to post this the other day, but I held off after hearing about the Boston Film Festival. I just really haven't felt like writing posts full of negative thoughts. Although, I will say I still can't help bashing some things in life. One of them being Chapman's film school.

I got their weekly email (Chapman Slate) early last week to find out that they are having Pankey Scholars. This is a program designed to have a filmmaker mentor students through their senior projects. Of course, last year when I was a senior and had a senior project they didn't offer this. Even though they offered this program the years leading up and now the year following. It just bothers me when they do stuff like that.

Also adding to frustration is the fact that festivla coordinator, Derek Horne, refuses to respond to my emails. I wanted film festival advice, but have received none from the man who knows festivals. Here I am weeks away from Boston and part of me is reallly nervous. I want to make the most of the week, but am extremely green in this environment. I don't want to get lost and wanted to guidance from a veteran. Yet, no help, so thanks Derek.

Save for those two examples, Chapman film is okay. They just really need to get on their pony and stop fucking up so much.

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