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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here Comes the Bandwagon

I hate to say it, but October is the only month of the year I ever see people wear Angels hats. People ask why I don't like the Angels and that's the reason. Biggest bandwagon fans around. Then again, that's southern California for you. People on care when their team in on top. The exception being the Ducks, but hockey isn't doing very well right now in the United States, let alone southern California.

As much as I hate the Yankees and the bandwagon Red Sox Nation, at least they support their team all year round. Let's just hope the Red Sox sweep them like they did back in 2004 and we can forget the Angels ever existed. I hate that team as much as the Yankees.

Big Day Tomorrow

It's technically not a "job" interview, but I finally will have my recruitment agency interview tomorrow. This meeting is arguably three months in the making. I originally was going to meet with them in late June, but the Mississippi gig came up and I postponed it. Add on top of that my trip back to Massachusetts and here we are in October (tomorrow).

I'm really hoping something works out. I guess only time will tell.

Rock of Love

Tonight was the big finale of "Rock of Love". Like "The Pick-up Artist", I have a good idea who he would pick, but it was still a fun episode. Even with Lacey gone from the house, there was still plenty of drama and good entertainment. Although, most of the show was two one-on-one dates with Bret and the remaining girls, Heather and Jes.

I hope they do a follow-up to this show. I thought it was a lot of fun to watch and I missed the first half of the series. Still, I got into this show really easy and thought it was the best reality show VH1 has done. There was drama, excitement, and heartwarming moments. Also, there were times I had no idea who would even be eliminated. For those who missed it, Jes prevailed in the end. Heather probably already booked a laser removal tattoo appointment. She got a tattoo of the word "Bret" on her neck!

I have heard rumors that "Rock of Love" will continue with another rock star from the 1980s, but I would also be curious to see what happens to Bret and Jes. All the winner got was the honor of being Bret's girlfriend. Jes is only 23, so I can't picture her marrying him anytime soon. I heard nothing about a monetary reward, but I'm sure she will get somewhere around $50,000 (amount the winner of "The Pick-up Artist won).

It should be interesting to watch next week's reunion episode. Those are always fun especially since all the contestants are required through contract to appear. Can't wait to hear comments from Lacey and Heather. It could be can't miss tv.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

"There Will Be Blood" Compared to "Citizen Kane"

Apparently, P.T. Anderson premiered his newest film at a film festival in Texas the other night. And apparently, it was compared to "Giant" and "Citizen Kane" when the credits began to roll.

It's still way too early to predict any Oscars nominations/wins, but this movie could be not just great, but legendary. I really want to see it before I say anything too bold, but that's exciting for me. I've been a huge P.T. fan for years and would love to see him get the proper respect.

It's been five years since his last film, so from the sound of things it seems like it's going to be worth the wait.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Little Disagreement

The winners were announced weeks ago, but today I just saw who won the best short film at the Boston Film Festival. It was called "Art of Stalking". I saw this film and I thought it was really good, but I thought there were better films. And, let me clarify I'm not talking about my film. I would have probably returned my award if I won or sent an Indian to accept it ala Marlon Brando back in 1973.

Then again, what's to expect with the Boston Film Festival. I actually didn't agree with most of their awards, but I also didn't agree with anything the festival did.

In other news, I submitted to the Independent Film Festival of Boston and The Beverly Hills Shorts Festival. Not sure when notification is, but I'm simply trying to spread the love called "Sweet Pea".

Division Champs

I can barely remember the last Red Sox team that won the AL East. It was way back in 1995. Mo Vaughn, John Valentin, and yes, Roger Clemens was on that team. And, they lost in the first round to the Cleveland Indians 3-0. Fast forward 12 years, the Red Sox have won the AL East.

I actually thought they were going to blow the division, but they pulled it off. This is by far not the best Red Sox team in the last 12 years ('03 and '04 were much better teams), but the Yankees are not as good as in previous years. Add it up and it makes perfect sense for them to win the division.

The division is a huge boost for this year's club, too. I think it's going to be tough to win the World Series in a stacked American League. They'll probably draw the Angels in the first round and that's a tought series. I would rather play the Indians since the Angels have the Yankees number.

Anyway, they got a shot. They just need to pay their game and let it ride. I'm not as confident as I was a couple months ago, but they very well could be the world champions at the end of October.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dream On

I always hate writing these posts. Here I am again, writing about heading to the "other" coast. I leave Massachusetts tomorrow. It sounds weird, but I'm not really looking forward to going back to California. I'll probably have to tell a hundred lies about the Boston Film Festival. I'll struggle to find a job. And, I'll probably be doing it all by myself since I'm never going to meet anyone. I'm talking about women for all the clueless.

That's the thing about being here in Peabody. It's a dream. It's not reality. I can't live here and do what I want to do. The other day I was supposed to meet with my old high school TV teacher. I admire the guy and all, but he's so clueless and content teaching uninspired students about tv and video. Call me an ass, but I can't do that. I have to be in the big picture.

If there is one thing I've learned from Kopelson is success. I admire Arnold so much that I feel like I need to be just like him. He said it best, "I must win. I must always win. I cannot be number two." It won't be an easy road, but that's why I need to leave Peabody. Even though people tell me the film industry is coming to Massachusetts, I don't buy it for one second. I need to get back where the action really is.

I actually set up an appointment with the recruitment agency that called me back in June. I'm really hoping that something works out. Although, I'm still pissed about ever moving to Glendale. Easily the dumbest thing I've done since falling for some girl named Kristen. It's not that I hate the actual place, but more the location relative to jobs. Cross off Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Century City, Culver City and West Hollywood. That leaves Burbank, North Hollywood, Universal City, and Studio City. Regardless, I'm done worrying about other people's residential preference. I'm moving to West Hollywood in May and I'm content living by myself.

This is where The Dream comes in. It's being something you can only purely dream of. Never giving up and holding yourself to such a high standard that it's probably unhealthy. Is The Dream attainable? I have no fucking clue. That's why it's called The Dream not The Reality. All I know is I need to go back to California to find out.

So here is to the roads that need to be traveled, women that need to be fucked, and movies that need to be made.

Dream On,
The Dreamer

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Postseason Questions

While the Patriots strive for perfection, the Red Sox are trying not to blow the AL East. After tonight's results, I think they actually might pull it off (3 game lead with 5 games left). Even though, I proclaimed last week to myself that they would probably blow it. Here's the thing about baseball, the division title really doesn't matter.

I'm worried about the Red Sox's postseason. The three other teams (Angels, Indians, and Yankees) are all difficult opponents. Honestly, won't be surprised if they get eliminated in the ALDS. The big difference between this year's Red Sox and the '03 and '04 teams is the fire.

Those teams were special. This team is good, but being good doesn't win you a World Series. Talk to the Yankees about that.

Perfect Pats?

One thing I'm going to miss in California is really getting to watch the Patriots this season. It doesn't take a footbal genius to realize that this year could be special for them. If they stay healthy, this team is easily one of the best during my lifetime. They're right up there with the '85 Bears, '89 49ers and '93 Cowboys.

This team is just talented, plain and simple. I honestly don't think they'll go 16-0, but this team has a really good shot. Only time will tell what this team will do, but you have to like their chances to win their fourth title in seven years.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Pick-up Artist

I really don't feel like writing a lot about this since it is completely pointless, but I'm mad at the winner of VH1's "The Pick-up Artist". Why? Kosmo, the winner, is an actor and I think that bullshit. Believe me, I don't buy that reality television is completely unscripted, but give me a break.

Kosmo might really be bad with woman, but what if he just acted his way to $50,000 and the title? It's a possibility that I wouldn't rule out. I watched every episode and I was pulling for Brady, but he lost out in the end.

I'm not really sure if they will have another season, but if they do, I'm applying. If I get a couple people to help me make a video there is no reason why I can't get on. It could really raise my profile and I could learn a thing or two about women. Plus, I think I have what it takes to be "The Master Pick-up Artist"!

Game over.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Heading to the Postseason

The Red Sox clinched a postseason berth tonight after a win against the Devil Rays. Honestly, I'm not really excited for this year's team. I don't see them escaping the first round of the playoffs. Then again, what do I know?

Bowling with the Devil

The days of strikes and spares are over. I bowled yesterday to complete disappointment. A 78, 85, and 102 for a 265, which comes to a 88 average. I've unfortunately lost my touch in candlepin bowling. Then again, what can one expect from someone who only bowls twice a year?

One thing that hasn't changed at the Metro Bowl is the fact that I'm still a legend over there. It's still my sport even though my "prime" is over. These two little kids even came up to me and wanted to know where I bought my hat. They told me it was so cool. I just smiled and said, "Thanks."

If only they knew I bowled a mediocre 265, but lets keep that between you and me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Inspiration for Success?

I'm less than a week away from returning to California. The Boston Film Festival is over. I still have no idea where my life is headed.

Before I left for Massachusetts, I was excited. My film was premiering at a film festival in my "hometown". I was going to be a local celebrity. A king among men at the festival for the simple reason that a 22 year old kid from Peabody was returning to his hometown. It was a match made in heaven. One that I was never going to forget or possibly ever match for the rest of my life and career.

Back to reality, the film festival was a bust. One that I only want to remember for simply what not to do. The premiere was lackluster. Hell, there was so much confusion that they left my film off the festival program. I was an afterthought and easily forgotten. Usually, I introduced myself as the filmmaker whose film was left off the program. Yeah, I met a couple people and handed out some business cards, but I barely received any recognition that I had hoped. The only press we got was from two local newspapers that I lobbied for myself.

As the festival unofficially ended Thursday night, I decided to take a walk in the Boston Common. I needed the time and space for myself to take everything in. Trying to figure out what happened. I ended my walk at the Public Garden on a bench looking at the pond. I considered killing myself, but I just stared into the pond looking at my reflection.

There's no point to hide the fact that my life could be better. I'm disappointed where I'm at right now. I know I could be better and I don't blame anyone. I just really thought I would be riding this wave right now. Sadly, it's the opposite. There's no girls waiting at my door besides that 50 year old that asked for my autograph at Bingo night last week. So, I ask myself what's next?

Tonight my sister, Lori, tells me that she's giving out a speech in her speech class. It's on her inspiration for success. And, who does she pick? Me. Yeah, the drug taking, depressed virgin filmmaker who considered killing himself. I'm a shell of my former self. Public access producer/host. Class president. First director of the Peabody High morning news. Youngest politician in the history of Peabody. College graduate with a degree from one of the best films in the country. His film accepted into Boston Film Festival...

"I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am. Let's face it." - Terry Malloy, "On the Waterfront" (1954)

Ruining an Iconic Image

I would have probably never seen the image if I didn't read the review on about "Good Luck, Chuck", but I did and the rest is history. Begin tangent.

Apparently, this image has been out for a couple months, but I just saw it today. Shame on the studio for spoofing one of the greatest magazine covers of all time. I'm talking about the John Lennon/Yoko Ono Rolling Stone cover shot on the day Lennon was killed. Back in 2005, it was ranked the greatest cover of all time by (

Shame on Dane Cook and Jessica Alba for even participating in this photo shoot. It's pathetic and disrespectful. I almost walked out of "Employee of the Month", but don't worry I won't even waste my time with "Good Luck, Chuck".

Sadly, they can both only dream of holding any importance in life even close to Lennon and Ono. Jessica Alba might be hotter than Yoko, but that's all she is. Jessica Alba is simply tits and ass. Someone that teenagers can jerk off to and feel good about themselves. Name me a movie where Jessica is actually good? Let me think. None! She's a horrible actress and I will never pay to see another one of her movies. Then, there's Dane. What can I say about that guy other than I think he's a fucking loser. Dane Cook is not even in the same universe as Lennon. He's not funny and he's not a good actor. He makes movies with hot girls only to get critically panned. Then, he's from Arlington and is a wannabe Yankees fan. He's a phony and fucking idiot.

I can't forgive either one of them for making fun of that photo. I hope they both burn in hell. End tangent.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sgt. Pepper at the HOB

I just found out today that The Fab Four will be playing the entire Sgt. Pepper album on their November 3rd show that I going to in Anaheim. You don't know how excited I am for this show. These guys always put on a great show and playing this album will be a mind trip. I think it could even be better than the Sgt. Pepper show at the Hollywood Bowl. It's a small venue and I'm getting there early, so I can get a good spot in "the pit".

Tickets are still available, so if you want to go I highly suggest you get them soon. This show will sell out.

Across the Universe

Besides P.T. Anderson's "There Will Be Blood", there was no other movie I was more excited for this year than "Across the Universe". Using my all access pass, I went to see the movie in Boston today for free (don't worry, I'm seeing this movie again and I'll pay for it).

For Beatles fans like myself, I was a little concerned about this film. Any movie involving The Beatles is tough to pull off. Most fail miserably. I have to say that I loved this film and I fucking hate musicals. This film was a refreshing experience and at a little over two hours, I didn't really want it to end. The singing was good and the music did a great job moving the plot forward. Add onto it the visuals, I thought it was awesome. Especially some of the psychedlic songs such as "I am the Walrus" makes you want to smoke right in the theatre.

Taking away the music, I thought the plot was also very engaging. Then again, I love the 1960s, but still I enjoyed the story. The film somewhat reminded me of the mini series, "The '60s", from the 1990s, but was much better. It is a love story effected by Vietnam, peace, and music.

If you can look beyond just the music and singing, you have a film that is truly a magical mystery tour for Beatle fans and admirers. One that I highly recommend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The End of the Festival is Near

Tomorrow is closing night of the festival (even though the festival actually ends on Friday night). It's safe to say it wasn't what I was hoping for, but I'll write about that in a couple days. For now, let me give you a quick review of the last couple days.

Since "Sweet Pea" screened, I've been going to the festival sporadically. I actually took Monday off for a couple reasons. One I was too disappointed to show my face after what I consider to be a horrible premiere the day before and I thought the film slate was mediocre.

I came back on Tuesday to watch some more short films. I thought a lot of them had good production value, but most lacked a good story. I actually thought some of the stories were less than average. Although, the highlight of the day was lobbying for an interview with Emerson's tv station. Granted, no one will see it, I figured what the hell. I ended up talking to the girl for probably close to five minutes. I ended the interview by saying, "Look out." That's my new slogan for everything.

At night, I watched a surprisingly, funny film called "Everybody Wants to be Italian" that was based in Boston's North End (the Italian district for all you idiots). My only negative comment on the film was that it might resemble too much of "...Greek Wedding". Otherwise, it was the funniest film I've seen all week. They are screening this film at the Egyptian in LA on October 1st and I might even go see it again.

Today I watched two feature films, "Greetings from the Shore" and "In the Land of Merry Misfits". The first film was a coming of age story about a girl working on the Jersey shore for the summer. Not the deepest story, but I did like the ending. Of course, she got the guy, but it was not as direct as most films in that genre. Plus, I met the two leads and even took a picture of them in front of the theatre. It was hot. Or should I say, she's hot.

The other film took the meaning of cult film to another level to me. I don't think I could even watch it again unless I was high. I actually thought the film was so over the top that it will probably suffer and simply rely of word of mouth. I actually want Mr. K, Mr. N., Mr. J, and Mr. D to see this film since I want to see if they will laugh. Yeah the crowd was laughing, but I felt like most of it was forced to appease the cast and crew in attendance. And yes, Mr. Bob Backlund (former WWF world champion and actor in the flm) was there, but was flooded after the screening, so I didn't meet him.

You might be asking why I haven't talked about the parties? Well, I haven't really been going to the parties. First of all, they have them during the screenings, which is stupid. The locations are also all over the city in these five star restaurants that require suits. I didn't even bring my suit with me since I got all kinds of shit from Mr. K and Mr. N for wearing a suit at the "Sweet Pea" premiere.

Another issue I'm having is the fact that it's hard to meet the filmmakers. I even talked to another short filmmaker I got pretty chummy with and he said most of the parties/receptions have suffered low attendance and have not been that effective. Then, when I have met a couple people most of them have been giving me the cold shoulder. I introduced myself to a director today and he stopped my conversation as soon as some of his friends came in the theatre. And, the conversation literally just started. It gets me thinking that most people don't want to bother with a 22 year old filmmaker who made a short film. You're looking at Mr. Irrelevant.

As I enter tomorrow, I don't even know if I'm going to the closing night party. I don't really know if there's a point. I'm sick of being ignored and stepped on. I know I'm only 5'3", but a little respect would be appreciated.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well Well Well

I really don't know what to write here. "Sweet Pea" officially premiered today and the only word to describe it was overwhelming. I mean that word in both good and bad ways.

I honestly thought the festival mishandled my premiere, but they honestly have been mishandling a lot of things. Part of me though is glad that I experienced this because I've learned so much about festivals. It also though has left a bad taste in my mouth that tells me deep inside that I don't care if "Sweet Pea" gets into another festival.

I have met a couple people in the last couple days. I talked to another short filmmaker today, who probably is in his 30s and living in LA. We even exchanged business cards and I might actually call him up sometime when I get back. Hell, the guy even gave me a dvd of his short film, which I though was a very generous gesture.

The big problem with "Sweet Pea" being in this festival was that we were not 100% ready for it. I'm forced to do everything myself with this film and it gets hard on me. I put a lot of stress on myself since I hold everything I do in such a high standard. For example, I didn't have time to make a digibeta (one of two formats to screen on for this festival, the other being dvd), so we screened on dvd. The quality wasn't horrible, but I knew the color and image was much richer.

The short program was disappointing. There were probaby 40-50 people in a theatre that could hold close to 300 people. Then, the film festival programmers could not even make an appearance to bolster its profile. So, you could forget any introductions or Q & A's (John promised me a Q & A).

We also had the unfortunate task of screening with films that were honestly on a different tier than any student film I've seen. I was in a program with a film written by Shane Black and starring David Morse and John C. McGinley. I guess that's really why I was overwhelmed in the theatre. It also didn't help that the audience was kind of cold and barely reacted to any of the films screening.

It's just tough to screen with films with bigger budgets, more accomplished actors, and more experience. I'm not trying to take anything away from my film, cast, or crew, but when you screen in the same program as those films it's harder to make an impression on the audience. I would have much rather screened with fellow student films or lower end shorts. It would have made my experience much more enjoyable.

I also have an old saying that is simply, "Fuck it." At least we made it to one festival and the internet movie database (hopefully soon).

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tomorrow Is The Day

Well, here I am. Tomorrow "Sweet Pea" screens at the festival. It's my first screening against a true cold audience, so I'm really nervous. I can't stop shitting or puking (just kidding). I'm probably bringing close to 15-20 people there, so at least I won't be screening to no one.

After going to the first day of the festival, I'll just say it was a bit disappointing. Not really want I expected. Although, I'm going to piss people off and refuse to give a full review of the festival until it's over. I'm holding everything back to save the festival from getting a whooping.

In the next day or so, I'll let you know if I survived the screening of "Sweet Pea".

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Those Cheatin' Patriots

I can already hear during my return to California, people continously giving me a hard time about my Patriots stealing signals from the Jets and every other team in the NFL. Let me just remind you, let's not go overboard. The sad part is that everyone outside of New England is going overboard. Why? Because everyone outside of New England hates the Patriots.

Let me say this right now, Taking steroids, carrying a gun, or killing dogs is a much bigger offense than stealing signs. "Cheating" has been a part of sports since its inception. And for people to think that the Patriots should give back their three Super Bowl titles is ludacris. Well, then I guess the Giants should give back their pennant and all the steroid users should erase all their stats.

I really "loved" LaDainian Tomlinson's quote about the Pats living by cheating. LaDainian, you dumb ass football player, your teammate, Shawne Merrimen, was caught using steroids. Last time I checked that was called cheating, so shut your mouth.

Granted what the Pats did was not right, but let's realize you still have to play the game regardless of how much you really know about your oppononent.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sox Appeal?

Has Boston reached a new low in reality television? Right now as I write, I'm watching this show on NESN called "Sox Appeal". Let me explain it to you in a nutshell. A man/woman goes on three dates lasting two innings each. They sit on the Monster seats and talk. Then, the man/woman decides what person to spend the rest of the game with and that's it. Although, the best part of the show is when they intercut comments from Red Sox players and other random people. Tim Wakefield just told me about the importance of communication.

This show is stupid and honestly I don't know what's next? Reality dating show in the background of sports event. I'm speechless, yet intrigued at the how low some people will go.

"I'm grumpy because you're dopey!"

I got that quote from a t-shirt I purchased from Disneyland. I thought it really summed up how I feel right now. Oh, the Festival de Boston. The meaning of a love/hate relationship has taken a new level to me. I don't feel like writing about it right now, but there will definitely be more to come.


I might get some heat for this, but I'm in a mood right now that basically says, "I don't give a fuck." Anyway, I get extremely annoyed at 9/11 and all the phoniness that comes with it. Last night, I was in a bar and every time a firefighter came in everyone went crazy. Why? I just don't buy all this pro-American crap.

For one, Americans are probably the fakest group of people in the world. I always remember shortly after 9/11/01, a Vietnam vet came to my high school and told us this story. He said that every year he put up an American flag for Veterans day. He was the only one with an American flag during the fall of 2000. Then, bam 9/11 happens and everyone puts flags out on the street and now, he is the only one without a flag and he got shit for it. Then, he said something that I will never forget, "Where the hell was all this patriotism before September 11th?"

Do I need to say anything more? It shouldn't take planes flying into buildings to be patriotic. Americans never do anything because they want to. They do it because they want to fit in and be liked. Well, I don't want to fit in and I really don't give a fuck if you like me. All I know is America and the 9/11 sentiment is a bunch of bullshit.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Three Times a Charm for "Sweet Pea"

I showed "Sweet Pea" on Saturday to many family and friends. And the film went over very well with the crowd. Granted every film I've made always goes over well with them, but people really saw how good it was. Some people were amazed at the improvement. Some simply blown away.

Now, it's off to Boston. My love/hate relationship with the festival is one I will not soon forget. The festival begins on Friday. More updates to come.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Tanner Pride No More

I just watched my high school get killed by St. John's Prep 44-0. Yeah, they got destroyed. I actually told my Dad a minute into the game that Peabody would lose 41-0. I was only off by three points.

So, I ask this simple question: What has happened to Peabody football? This team stinks and the great tradition of Tanner football is nowhere seen. During my three varsity years Peabody went 9-1, 7-3, and 9-1. Oh, the glory days...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Sports, Sports, Sports

One thing you forget after leaving Massachusetts is the sports. Here I am watching my third show analyzing tonight's Red Sox game. In LA, you're lucky if you can even get a five minute recap on any sport. At times it feels like overkill, but not really. I came to the conclusion that watching all these Boston post game shows have made me the sports genius that I am. It taught me to live and breathe the game.

MacBook Pro Power

I got my new MacBook Pro in the mail today. Damn, it's sweet. Bigger screen and better sound are huge. This is actually my first post using this computer and I have to admit I feel like a new man.

Bow to the master.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Fuck the Networks, Long Live VH1

You want to know what the best shows on television are these days? VH1 reality shows and I'm serious. They're entertaining and fun. They currently have three juggernauts going on right now. Laugh all you want, but it's the best tv on right now.

Scott Baio is 45 and Single just finished its first season with Scott getting engaged and finding out he's a Dad. Rock of Love with Bret Michaels is full of hot chicks and a bad ass rocker from the 80s. I don't care what anyone thinks, but Poison was a great band. The Pick-up Artist is full of a bunch of hopeless romantics learning the game while failing miserably.

None of these shows deserve Emmys, but if you want a morale boaster for the day I highly recommend watching them.

Back in Mass

I returned yesterday after a long day of flying. Not too much has changed in Peabody. Land & Sea still makes damn good seafood. Still, it's always weird for me to come back. As excited as I am, I still am very confused on what to think. I guess I'm just going to live free and see what happens. I'm here for almost a month and it's foolish to think or worry about anything.

Lori also went back to Johnson & Wales today, so it's Mom, Dad, Ginger, and I in the house. I went down to Providence with them today early in the morning. Then, I proceeded to spend my entire day moving stuff up and down the hallways. I thought I graduated college?

Plenty more to come...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Coming Home

Well, I'm be in Massachusetts in less than 24 hours. It should be a trip for the ages to say the least. Not really sure what to expect. I usually dread coming back home to relive my past, but this time it's a little different. With the film festival, I'm excited for the first time since December 2004 (my first trip back after leaving for California).

I guess only time will tell...

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Chapman Film Pisses Me Off, Sometimes

I was going to post this the other day, but I held off after hearing about the Boston Film Festival. I just really haven't felt like writing posts full of negative thoughts. Although, I will say I still can't help bashing some things in life. One of them being Chapman's film school.

I got their weekly email (Chapman Slate) early last week to find out that they are having Pankey Scholars. This is a program designed to have a filmmaker mentor students through their senior projects. Of course, last year when I was a senior and had a senior project they didn't offer this. Even though they offered this program the years leading up and now the year following. It just bothers me when they do stuff like that.

Also adding to frustration is the fact that festivla coordinator, Derek Horne, refuses to respond to my emails. I wanted film festival advice, but have received none from the man who knows festivals. Here I am weeks away from Boston and part of me is reallly nervous. I want to make the most of the week, but am extremely green in this environment. I don't want to get lost and wanted to guidance from a veteran. Yet, no help, so thanks Derek.

Save for those two examples, Chapman film is okay. They just really need to get on their pony and stop fucking up so much.


I was thinking today that I can't remember a time when I have looked forward to something as much as the Boston Film Festival in a couple weeks. With everything that has happened in my life, this is it. Through all the lows, I am experienced a total high right now that is unbelievable. I really don't care where I've been or where I'm going, all I know is I want to make the most of this once and a lifetime experience.

As a few people knew, my film was accepted into the festival under unusual circumstances. Partly due to the fact that my Uncle Reevie got to know the creative director after installing a fireplace in the guy's house. After a couple favors, the creative director told him that he would likely accept my film into the festival. Cheating? Maybe, but I don't think you can really cheat in this business. Filmmaking is about who you know first and what you know second. He actually called me the other night and told me that he hadn't even seen the film yet, but wanted it in the festival.

The feel good part of this story is the fact that after he finally saw my movie he called me up tonight (8/31) and really liked the movie. To paraphrase, he told that if he never met my uncle or talked to me, he still would have accepted the film in the festival. That's all I really needed to know. I didn't want in the back of my mind to attend the festival knowing that I didn't belong.

So, here I am a couple weeks away from the festival. I'm returning to Peabody (my hometown) on Sunday and it should be a great couple weeks. If I work the press and festival right, I'm going to be the talk of the city. It's really a big deal. No one to my knowledge from Peabody has ever made a short film. I actually can't even remember anyone from the North Shore making one that garnered any recognition.

So, you better believe I'm going to enjoy this moment. I deserved it.