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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I thought I was either going to write this entry almost a month ago or never at all. Yet, somehow, here I am on August 29th, with the big news: I'm heading to the 23rd Annual Boston Film Festival! And, damn it feels good.

There is really nowhere else I would rather premiere my film quite honestly. It's not only my hometown, but I'm also going to be there. It should be very exciting or at least I hope so. Yeah, one might argue that the Independent Film Festival of Boston is the cream of the crop in Boston, but I don't care. I'm flying high right now for the simple reason that I did it!

A little over three years ago I promised myself that I would come back to Boston and premiere my film. And, three years later here I am with my film in hand. True to my word in every way.

I'm sure I'll have way more to write about this, but for now I just want to let it soak in. This is a very exciting time for myself and the cast and crew of "Sweet Pea".

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