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Thursday, August 9, 2007

They really were "The Wonder Years"

Since I basically have nothing to do for the next two weeks, I've been trying to entertain myself. Yesterday, I learned to crochet. Today, I painted a portrait of President Bush. I've become a renaissance man in my own right. I have even been working out the last couple days. I'm determined to lose the weight I gained in Mississippi if it's the very last thing on do on this planet. Most importantly, I've been watching "The Wonder Years".

Unfortunately, "The Wonder Years" will probably never be on dvd due to music fees and whatnot, so I've been doing the syndication deal. I must have watched about 10 episodes today. Damn, what a good show. It's got a great soundtrack (60s music galore) and it takes place from 1968-1973, so there's all these smoking 60s chicks. I like to call them more affectionately, Bangin' Beauties with Bangs or Triple B's for short.

I don't know why, but I like girls with bangs. I just think it's cute. To me if there is one attribute that every girl in the 60s had, it was bangs. Even look at the greatest muse in music during the 60s and 70s. Of course, I'm talking about Pattie Boyd (Something, Layla, and Wonderful Tonight). Guess what? She had bangs and you know what, I'd fuck her in a minute if I had the chance. Hell, I might even get it down with her now even though she's 63.

Now, going back to "The Wonder Years", you have Winnie. Guess what? She had bangs, too. Unbelievable, I know, but true nevertheless. Granted, the bangs don't make the show, but it helps.

Winnie is like my muse and she's inspired me to start my next daily activity. If you stop by my room, you will notice a bag of bananas. Just a little heads up, I'm quietly building a time machine in the trunk of my car. I don't know if you catch the connection, but banana peels can be used for fuel for the time machine I'm building. I mean even if it feels, I will have got my daily dose of potassium, so really it's a win-win situation.

Really, I like that show because it's where I belong. I like that time period and I like watching it on television. It excites me and interests me. It never gets old and with shows like "The Wonder Years" it will never die.

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