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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Cause I'm As Free As a Bird Now

Thank God I'm going to Kopelson for two days next week. It's getting bored at the house. I have to leave the house once a day even if it's just to go outside and pick my ass. It's that sense of freedom, hence the bird. In the words of Ronnie Van Zant, there's nothing freer than a bird.

The one good thing about sitting around all day is that I have been doing stuff that I usually don't do. For one, I've worked out the last two days. Hell I probably walk/jogged close to two miles today. I've also been doing some creative stuff. I guess you could call them projects I've been working on and off for probably close to five or more years. Not saying that makes them better because it's untrue. I'm just throwing ideas around and have not even wrote one page of the script. I'm taking it slow. No need to rush, in my opinion.

Rumor on the street, or at least according to sources is that Kopelson is hiring all female interns. If this is true, then I'm going to take the job process very slow in an attempt get some wink, wink.

Speaking of wink, wink (What the hell?), this would be a great time to have a girlfriend. I'm not talking about the sexual side, but the side when you can talk to each other for hours and basically waste time. Imagine if I had that right now, then maybe instead of writing this blog I would be talking on the phone. Or maybe, instead of my run today I would be talking on the phone. There's a sense of mystery to it, which intrigues me. It got me thinking that maybe I should just pick anyone in the whole world to be my girlfriend for the next couple weeks before I return to Mississippi and Massachusetts. Then, I'll dump her after she takes me to the airport. That is what you call a rental with a great discount.

Seriously though, I'm not just fucking around when I say that having a girlfriend when you have nothing to do is extremely helpful. This is what my day consists of: waking up, watching "The Wonder Years", taking a shower, going outside, sitting in my room, smoking weed, going to bed. That is not the best routine to have when you're 22 years old. I'll be a man and say it's my fault, but I'm honestly unaspired to find hope in today's society. I just don't know if there's anyone out there for me. Because if there is, then she's either trapped in a cave, been shipped to Taiwan for prostitution, or has been killed.

I guess it hasn't helped that I've been burned good a couple times in the past if you know what I mean, brother

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