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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Are you Diehard?

I went to the Red Sox game last night in Anaheim (Sox won 9-6). The seats might not have been as good as last year, but honestly I kind of liked them just the same. I sat in the right field bleachers and unfortunately, no one hit a homerun our way. I went to the game by myself and got stuck sitting next to a couple Angels fans. Although, I will say they were nice and I even talked with them throughout the night.

Anyway, I pose a question for anyone and everyone. When you're at a game is it better to be known as the village idiot fan or the obsessed, know it all fan? I might not be obsessed, but I know a lot about baseball and the Boston Red Sox. Historically speaking, I am pretty damn smart when it comes to all four major teams in Boston.

It's just I feel like it comes off the wrong way sometimes. The problem with the "smart" fan is that most fans are average, sometimes even stupid. This happened to me last night, you're talking with someone and they say somthing completely wrong. So, do you correct them or just go with the flow? This is my issue with going to games and especially going with females. It is extremely difficult for me to bite my tongue when she says something stupid, but if I correct her I look like an asshole.

Let me give you another example of something that happened last night. There was a Red Sox fan sitting behind (he actually sounded like Eric from "Entourage" it was scary) and he was a know it all. He talked all night about the Sox and just didn't shut up. It got to the point when I felt like telling him to shut up and play MVP Baseball if you want to manage the team. It's like I'm glad you know baseball, but I don't want to listen to you anymore.

This example proves the point that being a diehard in a public setting actually has a negative effect. Although, being an "idiot" fan is no better. Let's be honest, no one wants to listen to someone who has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Going to a game is like a balancing act because neither one is really best.

Sometimes you have to just swallow your pride and shut the fuck up. Too many people (including myself) forget you're there to watch the game. Remember, silence is golden.

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