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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Annoying? Red Sox Nation

I just read two articles on by Bill Simmons and Jim Caple talking about the Red Sox Nation. You can read them at ( and (

Sadly, I really don't disagree with the articles. It makes some valid points about my hometown team and particularly its fans. It's hard to argue the fact that the Red Sox are the most popular team in baseball. They've actually easily held the title since 2003 when they made that amazing run in the playoffs (My last playoff run that I got to experience in Massachusetts and I'm glad. It was suprise, suprise "annoying".).

Annoying though could also be a general term to describe Massachusians. We just are. You really have to just live or stay in the state for an extended period to realize this. Add sports to the mix and you have the most annoying fans in the world. And, when we're winning you can forget about it.

Historically, that was not a bad thing, but something happened to Red Sox Nation and Boston sports fans: Bandwagoning and fair weather. Two very evil words that I despise. Go to Boston and count how many Red Sox hats are on people's heads. Hell, there's even green jerseys and pink hats with the Sox logo. A pink baseball hat should be against the law.

Being a member of Red Sox Nation went from being loyal to cool and that is its downfall. Unlike most people, I'm a true fan. I know the ins and outs of every major sport in North America and can give the average person on the street a brief history on my teams. I know players and seasons. I know heartbreak and triumph. I know it all because I'm a fucking fan.

And, I don't need to wear a hat with a "B" on it to do it. I actually refuse to wear my Red Sox hat when I'm in Massachusetts (unless I'm going to a Red Sox game). It's annoying to me since I know that the majority people that wear the hat need to for the sake of feeling good about themselves at night. They "think" they're a fan, but merely just joining the fun since the Red Sox's rise to glory. Let me just say this, you would never see a group of hot women in Boston wearing Red Sox apparel before 2003. Now, it's the style. It's the "cool" thing to do.

I have no idea what the point of this post really is. I have begun to ramble and diss my hometown team, but Simmons and Caple set me off. I guess I'm just stating my stance as I prepare to return home for the majority of the playoff push. Where the sports pages will be filled with Sox, Sox, and more Sox coverage. Yes, Red Sox Nation is pissing me off. I would never say I wish they were still cursed, but at least you knew who your friends were back in the day.

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