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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Three Kabobs: Beef, Chicken, and Shrimp

Fuck the Three Musketeers. There's a new threesome hitting the streets these days called the Three Kabobs. They're grilled, tasty, and I ate some last night. Yes, I went to some exclusive, invitation only party with Kyle and Allison. It was actually hosted by a Chapman student that I never met before, but he was a really cool guy. And very rich, I might add.

You know you're safe from the scum of the universe when you have to go through not one, but two gates to get to this guy's house. It's quite incredible, really. It was also great since he had a fine selection of beers and plenty of kabobs! I love kabobs. They've always been one of my personal favorite foods to eat. Now that I'm thinking about it, I wonder if they have kabobs in Mississippi?

The crowd at this party/gathering was rather small, but still fun. He seems to keep it pretty tight to protect his house from being burned to the ground. Of course, Ms. N was present. I feel like the more I talk with her the more I realized she's not really my type. Granted she loves my type of music, shares a lot of my beliefs, and gives out sporadic peace signs, yet we don't click too well. I also think it's because I get too nervous and honestly am horrible at picking up girls. It really takes me a while to loosen up enough, so I can show my personality and unique sense of humor. I have no idea how we started to talk about it, but we got on the topic of drugs, which is probably not the best topic to be discussing with a girl. As I started to explain to her the different strengths of saliva, I said to myself (in my head), "Why the hell am I talking about this? You idiot!" In conclusion, she's a nice girl, but I really don't see anything happening between us. I would actually be extremely shocked. Extremely, extremely, extremely, shocked.

As for the rest of the shindig, it was happening for a small party. There was beer pong matches going on and some pool/hot tub activity. There's a lot to do in at this guy's place, so it's extremely difficult to get bored by any means. The most exciting part of the night was when I agreed to go get fish and chips with this guy. He was a big goofball and extremely drunk, but I would go get some with him for the simple reason that I love fish. It's so good that I've somehow made myself hungry while writing this post, so I'm quietly going to stop writing and make myself a roast beef sandwich. I would make fish and chips, but the refridgerator ran away.

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