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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Jealous? Maybe, a little...

I can't believe I'm writing this, but I'm a little jealous of people in Mississippi. Actually, Neshoba County to be more precise. The Neshoba County Fair started yesterday and runs until Friday night. And let me tell you, it's the best fair in the country and probably the best fair you'll ever see in your life.

It's one of those events, that you have to see to believe and fully understand how great it really is. I'm still blown away and it's got a week to go. I really don't know how to explain it. It's so fun and cool that I don't care if I sleep for five hours each night for the rest of the week for the chance to live it up down South. I'll probably never be back, so the experience isn't worth passing up.

I could never live in Mississippi, but for one week in July I actually could. This "not so average" fair features hundreds of small cabins on fairgrounds plus hundreds of RVs plus hundreds of vehicles parked in all directions on the side of the rode. People of all ages are up all night and people are so friendly that you can simply walk past their cabin and they might invite you to come inside for a piece of homemade pie.

It's a unique event and maybe I'm a little "high" on the event, but I would love to have a cabin or be able to come back and experience this fair while I'm not working on a film shoot. It's hard because you want to party and stay up late, but you also don't want to be falling asleep. The situation sucks and for that reason I wish I never knew about this fair (I never heard of it until I came to Mississippi and didn't buy the hype until I was on the fairgrounds.), but here I am in the South.

I guess part of my fascination comes from the fact that I love summer cabins. Growing up my family always went to Newfound Lake in New Hampshire for a week in a log cabin. No TV, no internet, it was old fashioned. It was fun and I always wished I could spend another week or maybe even a whole summer there. If I ever get rich, then I will probably buy a cabin by the water and have it for a summer home. Although, I will probably add a TV and internet (Sorry, I'm just being honest.).

There might not be any body of water close by, but this is the same situation. You have to realize something, there's not much to do in Mississippi. Add onto that, the simple fact of Neshoba being a dry county and bars are extinct. They're foreign language to people down here. Hell, there's only one movie theater in Philadelphia. People watch mule pulls and calf scrambles for excitement. Then, you have the fair where it is a one week houseparty of drinking and straight up partying. It's unbelievable. The Neshoba County Fair can't be beat.

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