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Monday, July 16, 2007

Jacks' Second Show Lineup: Disappointing

Jack FM released its lineup for its second show earlier today. I only have one word for it: disappointing. Actually, it is very disappointing. Let's quickly compare the two shows.

Jack's First Show:
Violent Femmes
Cheap Trick
Billy Idol
Def Leppard

Jack's Second Show:
Sugar Ray
The Stray Cats
ZZ Top
The Pretenders
Stevie Nicks

As you can see, last year's show is quite superior in every way. I was actually thinking of going to this show, but forget that. I'm not going to spend the money. I have no desire to see Sugar Ray. I like ZZ Top a little. The Pretenders is my favorite of the group and they're okay.

Honestly, Jack should have looked at the greatest concerts of all time and realize most of them only happen once for a reason. It's too hard to follow up the orignal. Whether it be movies or music, sequels suck. Sorry, Jack that lineup caused me not to buy a ticket.

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